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re: steel-cut oats; I use whole intact oats groats. Takes a little longer to cook, but according to Gabe & Dianna Mirkin, oats groats are even more nutritious. I use 3 parts oats groats with 1 part black hull-less barley.
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I'm not sure the chelation helped my mother. I'm more inclined to believe the supplements are what helped. Mom was likely influenced by the dozens of enthusiastic fellow chelation patients that claimed they could not walk before beginning their therapy.
16 years ago at age 75, my mother developed macular degeneration. She was diagnosed shortly after her 1st car wreck. Her ophthalmologist told her she was almost totally blind in one eye and the other eye appeared to be deteriorating fast. He told her to prepare for total blindness, and there was no effective treatment. I talked Mom into heavy supplementation with vitamins and herbs, including lutein and zeaxanthin. She also commenced IV chelation treatments. In a few months, her ophthalmologist told her that her macular degeneration had reversed and for her to continue whatever she was doing. When she tried to explain her self-treatment, he quickly changed the subject. After a year, he told her he could no longer find any trace of macular degeneration. Her local small town family physician found out about her chelation treatments and kicked her out of his practice. She had to switch to an immigrant doctor. Today, at age 91, Mom's vision is good and she's still driving and living alone independently.