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Marianne Thomas
SW Ohio, The Heart of It All
Catholic mom to three, wife to one, canine wrangler, writer, frugalista, and all-around lover of life.
Interests: writing, books, saving money, collecting domain names.
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Tomorrow is the last day of school for my older two; technically, it's their last three hours or so of school since they'll only be there for a half-day. Tonight, after getting everyone to bed, I came downstairs and started my usual get-ready-get-set-go! routine for the next morning. Coffee maker? Check. Cereal and bowls? Check. Lunches packed? Nope. After months of packing two lunches every night, I looked at their lunch boxes and sighed with a mixture of relief (yay! one less thing to do!) and sadness. Another school year is over - where did the time go? It amazes... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2010 at Ohio Moms Blog
I absolutely agree. My daughter is tall so she moved into the 7-14 sizes early when she was in 1st grade. I remember walking from the 4-6x size section in Kohls to the 7-14 size section and thinking, "WHAT the HECK?" I buy a lot of Gymboree & The Children's Place stuff for her (via eBay where I can find nice deals on gently used stuff) and basic T's, etc, at Target. But I just won't spend a dime on anything vaguely hoochie. Luckily, she wears a uniform to school (soooo easy) and now that she's almost 9, she too is more discerning about what she wears and is happier in modest but pretty clothes that just let her be a kid. I guess I did something right, too. ;-)
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Thanks for commenting and yes! We all need a creative outlet - whether it's blogging or something else. I'm going to have to add the writer's notebook app to my iPhone!
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Funny but true. We are in the same boat...well, not on the pants thing, but still. We bought in a suburban neighborhood because we had few choices when we moved; our plan was 3-5 years and then move out to some land in the country or at least to somewhere with some privacy. The economy had a different plan. Oy!
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Angie, thanks for commenting, mostly because it takes a certain amount of courage in our society (and in the blogosphere) to tell people that yes, I have spanked my kid. My three are wonderful people, too, incredibly empathetic and giving. And spanking was always reserved for situations where their actions endangered their lives or others (see my comment above). Now that my youngest is 4, it isn't something we've needed to do for a long time.
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Absolutely, Melanie. I didn't even touch on that in this post because my biggest problem was with the weight the MSM and the public in general gives these social research findings (having been there, done that, and knowing what it looks like from the inside). But there is most definitely a BIG difference between giving your child a swat on the rear on rare occasions (like when I was hugely pregnant - 6 m or so - and my 18 m old wouldn't hold my hand and took off at a run into a parking lot where there were moving cars - SCARY; she never did it again) and beating your child ruthlessly for every infraction they commit all the way up through adolescence. I never considered the legal ramifications for divorced parents. Wow. And how awful that your children were pulled into that power play. So sorry. Thanks for commenting!
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Thanks, Randi. It drives me nuts, too, the panic and debate. I end up either turning the TV or computer OFF! ;-)
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I hope the judge that catches this case will take into consideration that this guy will only seek greater and more violent crimes against children to get a bigger and bigger *high* off their pain. Unbelievable...yet, believable. And I have to wonder did the security cameras catch any of these assaults or was he savvy enough to find a dead spot in Walmart where no cameras could see what he was doing? Walmart (and all big box stores) should have a greater level of concern for those "dead spots if they do exist. High five to that hero mom!
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I am now seriously craving Marion's pizza. It's true - all Marion's look just like they did when my hubs was a kid, growing up in Dayton. It like stepping into a time warp, but in a good way. I think I just may need to head up 48 to Centerville this weekend with the kiddos to feed the craving! ;-)
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I agree; more kids = more busy. It becomes an issue of fairness, too. If everyone can just pursue one (maybe 2) extra things, then all my kids get to do something extra. And there's the cost issue, too. This year, our daughter (8) helped in making the decisions about what "one thing" she would do when it looked like we'd have a conflict. It was a good learning experience for her.
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I love those moments. ;-)
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It's nice to have all the decorations up through the New Year but I do like getting them down before we're back in the rhythym of school, work, etc. Otherwise our tree would still be up come Jan 15! ;-)
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You know, we've never had an Advent calendar. I always mean to buy one but by the time I survive the craziness of Thanksgiving, it slips my mind. The one thing my kiddos do every year is make an Advent paper chain with 25 links. They get a big kick out of ripping off one link every morning as Christmas draws near. This year, their chains only had about 14 links. *a-hem* You're not the only one who's running late this year! ;-)
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I agree, Dawn; Ohio is in some ways more diverse than many of the other places I've lived. We still have farms and rural areas here (which are harder and harder to find in the suburban sprawl that encompasses the coastal cities) as well as big cities of our own. There are things I miss as well (water, water, everywhere!) but only a bit. Life here is good!
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