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Soylent Green is people, just like Twitter is people. Great thoughts in this post, Jim. You can tell whether a tweeter is in it to build followers ... or build connections. Those who want to really engage, are more engaging. Period. Being authentic allows you to develop your own distinct voice that can be heard clearly through the clutter. That's a great skill to hone for anyone in the business of building brands. After all, each of us is our own a brand in this great big Twitterverse, and I guess in life, too. P.S. Jim, if the voices and conversations in your noggin persist, I believe there is a pill or two you can take for that. I'm just sayin.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2009 on Deep Down at Obsessed with Conformity
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"Quiet" is not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of me. It's not even like the 16th thing. My brain is a carnival, and I often find myself along for the ride. I try to will myself to be quiet, which makes me think harder about how not quiet my brain feels … and I’ll start wondering, "Did I take out the chicken?" Or think, "Boy, rabbits are soft." Which is why I loved what Jim had to say about getting out of the way. I can do that. I may not be able to control my circumstances or master every thought, but I can remove myself. I can realize I’m powerless to control the wave or stop it with my body when it continues crash down on me. It's true - there is strength in knowing when to walk away. And interestingly, that place called “out of the way” just happens to be quieter. I’ve been there a few times, anyway. I think it’s time I go again. Thanks, Jim.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on Getting Out of the Way at Obsessed with Conformity
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