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What? The Jays have actually been a pretty good team the last few years. And you said how you liked that the Phillies were able to improve from being a bad organization and then went right into talking about how the Royals should be destroyed, because they're a bad organization. And the Gillick thing is stupid. Why would he be laughing? It's not like they fired him, or anything. He 'retired' or whatever and then decided to go to Baltimore.
Watkins was awful, definitely the worst person on the cast last season. The Today Show sketches were terrible (on both her end and Wiig's). I thought Wilson was pretty good, but I don't think her not being there is going to make any difference.
I don't blame Ricciardi for signing Ryan. He didn't see any good internal options for closer and had a bunch of money from ownership to spend so he made a big splash and signed Ryan. In hindsight, yeah, it probably wasn't the greatest decision and that money probably should have been spent elsewhere (although, saying the Jays lacked starting pitching is pretty funny), but he thought his team was on the cusp of contending and needed a top-tier closer to help them get over the hump.
I like the updates to this post. It's like one big 'not it' around the Majors.
The Jays are having extremely bad luck lately. They had an awful record in July, but none of those losses were by more than 3 runs. Obviously, you can't expect them to win every close game, but they went 8-16 and had a positive run differential. I don't know why you say you can't expect a repeat performance from Halladay. Hill, I get, but what in Doc's track record makes you think he's not going to put up good numbers next year? I also disagree about Wells. His numbers in 2007 are very similar to what he's put up this year, but in '08, he was maybe the Jays best offensive player when healthy. Faint praise, yeah, and not in any way worth his contract, but even if he just posted an .800 or so OPS, it would help the team a lot. Snider is playing great in Vegas since coming of the DL, too. Plus, a healthy Shaun Marcum should be an improvement over whoever he replaces in the rotation.
The Wells contract is awful, no question about it. By most accounts, though, it was ownership and then-President Paul Godfrey who did most of the negotiating. He'll never be worth that money, but if he can just hit his career norms and if they can convince him to move from CF, it'll look a lot less ugly.
Also, they'll need for Wells to be not awful. I should mention that, too.
The Jay rotation has tons of potential. Aside from Halladay, they have a ton of good young arms like Romero, Cecil, Rzepczynski, Mills, and Purcey (I don't know what they'll do with the guys they got in the Rolen trade). Plus Marcum should be back. I don't know if McGowan will ever be back, though, unfortunately. On offense, I really think they only need a little bit of tweaking. If they can move Rios and Overbay in the off-season and spend some of the Rolen money on a hitter, they should improve. Travis Snider has been really good in AAA since coming back from injury, too. I'm not saying they're a lock to contend next season, but I don't think it's fair to say they have no chance at all.
The Jays are actually a pretty decent team, but that's ok. Their brutal record in 1-run games is what's hurting them right now. The offense needs a little tweaking, but they're a lot closer than most people think.
The Jays are in the top half of the AL in run differential and are severely under-performing their Pythagorean W/L record and this is with approximately 90 pitchers on the DL and losing their number 2 starter to a division rival. Their entire opening day rotation has been on the DL at some point this season. They also had the 2nd best Pythagorean record in the AL last season. Obviously, that isn't the be all and end all of it, but this "they can't compete in the division" stuff is complete BS. They've just been completely unlucky. Being a Jays fan, it's frustrating as hell to watch this team on a day-to-day basis, because I know they're better than they look now and I know people will just brush off the hot start as a fluke, when I think how they were playing then is closer to their true talent level than the past 6 weeks have been.