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"...maybe engineers will start finding out just how bad engineers are as communicators." The tradition of engineer to engineer communication in EDA is as old as DAC, which started as a community of practice among early tool developers inside of major semiconductor and system houses. USENET news groups and newsletters like ESNUG provided a lot of good information, as well as forums like the Verification Guild. The most interesting sentences in any article or blog post about new technology is what the early users--who are normally engineers--are saying about it. I enjoy reading JL Gray's Cool Verification blog because it's authored by an engineer with deep knowledge of verification issues and practices who writes well. I also think most of the EDA PR folks are doing much more experimenting in how they are trying to engage bloggers, they are not just e-mailing press releases. Look at the Synopsys Conversation Central effort at DAC for one example, another would be a recent conversation that Ed Lee ( and I jointly blogged at and One final point: in my opinion one significant difference between journalists and engineers blogging is that the bloggers don't have a "news hole" to fill: for the most part their engineering audience tolerates an irregular publishing schedule as long as there is quality in when it is posted. So they can be much more discriminating in what they choose to write about. Sean Murphy
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