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Here's my #19. A job-search is NOT like a job - it is much more. Everything that happens depends on what YOU do, no one else. You can't just show-up. The buck stops with you and unless you plan it and make it happen no one else will. and remember to floss! :^)
"a strategic marketing document that sells a compelling, branded marketing value proposition that offers something a company is willing to pay for" I think your business-word thesaurus just exploded and you are over-selling the value of a resume. Sure, you need a good resume, but that is only one small part of the job-search. Pretending it is a 'strategic marketing document' well, I have written more than a few of these (not resumes but SMEs), and I have never seen a resume presented as one by anyone other than a resume writer....
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on The Resume Writing Myth at The CFO Coach
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Good post on a topic that hasn't had much coverage. Here is another good one on Internet security.