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P.S. Let's keep this thread for Saam and start another about the OC Register upcoming salary reveal.
As one of Saam's former teachers I can vouch for how seamlessly he was able to balance his studies with his numerous community commitments. He always looked at all points of view and was so respectful of his classmates opinions. He was never partisan or petty. I knew that if he could win, he'd serve our district with distinction. Congratulations on a well run campaign! You're a class-act and I know this set back won't deter you from serving in other ways.
Congratulations to Sherine! Laguna Beach just hired an amazingly professional, intelligent, and innovative leader. Though I'm so very happy for Sherine, I'm sad that she's no longer working for CUSD. With the retirement of leaders like Carolyn Williams and the exodus of people like Sherine and Eamon - the future of CUSD looks pretty dismal. Everyone I know is escatic for Sherine's promotion as she is so highly regarded! Wonder if there're any teaching jobs available in LB?
stop your whining, only .05% of students nation wide receive the distinction. There are 1.5 million entrants; 50,000 receiving recognition; 34,000 receiving letters of commendation; 16,000 semifinalists; and then 15,000 being chosen as finalists. Of that group about 8,400 will be named National Merit Scholars in July. Orange County had 60 total finalists. Many CUSD students had different National Merit distinctions - but it's a very select few who made the latest cut.
Confused, I'm also confused. Was one day of talks (without a strike) to see what could possibly transpire - not an option?
Reformers Hah, you have softened your position and your language is much more concilitory to the teachers. I mean that! Thank You. The process is a bit of dance and each side is playing to advance their position. Of course, I fault the BOT for their actions in the process thus far, but I don't fault CUEA for calling their vote before requesting a sit down. I DO NOT want a strike!! I'm teaching and reviewing with my AP classes and am praying that we don't lose a day so our students do the best possible on those exams. I appreciate your hopes for a "deal"!
I think CUEA has to take all steps possible to avert a strike and agree to "talks" with the BOT. If it is a ploy then it will be revealed. But - this is what everyone was asking for at last night's meeting and it would be a shame to let the chance for a settlement slip away.
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Hi Recall,Remove,Recover, I went to Trader Joe's in San Clemente to help gather signatures and was told our group had to leave because someone else was there gathering signatures for 8 other ballot initiatives. I went to the recall website but couldn't find a list of places that needed help. Any suggestions for tomorrow? Thanks!
Does anyone know if there are places to help gather recall signatures - this week? I'm motivated and available.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2010 on About Protests ... at Beyond the Blackboard
Dear Parents, I am an AP teacher and I want you to know how much this kills me to not be there for them in the critical weeks leading up the exams. I just found out that even if I crossed the picket lines I would not have my classes - I'd have the pleasure of helping the substitues teach the "life lessons" mentioned in earlier posts. Does the board want us to strike? Sure seems like it. They couldn't throw us a bone? Just use the "temporary" language. I guess that would've been just too hard for them to do. I love my students and exam day is what we've worked for since summer (as our studies start early). It is beyond a shame.
Hey, Joshifer Do you ever tire of using "hack" when referencing the union? It's so faux gangsta! You need some new material. P.S. A good part of this board hired Carter.
What channel number? It's not listed on channel 6 nor 10.
Insider - now we know why you're so bitter - you've had your pay reduced. I'm sorry about that but your bitterness is misplaced. Vicki Soderberg had nothing to do with that decision.
There is nothing more American (or Republican, for that matter)than local control! If all elections in our state were "at-large" there would be very few Republicans elected to the state Assembly and Senate or to the U.S. House of Representatives. Everyone knows the voter registration of our state favors Democrats. So elections by district gives a local voice to area concerns - as it should. That's what this is all about. Why should district 7 (Coto) voters have a disproportionate voice in the concerns of district 3 (San Clemente)? This topic should be about equity and fair representation - not about a single election.
No matter who is in control, the drawing of district boundaries is a very subjective endeavor. There are even computer programs that can create countless boundary lines/areas with nearly equal numbers of residents. Do you recall the recent Proposition that the Governor worked so hard to get passed that would've taken that task (of drawing state boundaries) from the State Legislature to some specially created less partisan body? If you look at State Assembly/State Senate and U.S. House of Representatives districts, you'll find that students who attend any one school - such as Dana Hills - can be represented by 2 to 3 different representatives (in the same legislative body). There is no perfect way to create districts with like number of people who also live exclusively within one school's boundaries. These gerrymandered districts are deemed Constitutional as long as the number of residents is nearly equal (Baker v. Carr) and that the lines have some reasonable coherence to them(compact and contiguous). Population can and do change over the ten years between each census and when differences occur during that time, that also is Constitutional. There is no perfect way to conduct this process, but the processs - nonetheless with its imperfections is legal. Congratulations to those who are working to ensure that local neighborhoods/communities will be able to elect a trustee that has their community, with its unique needs, in mind. For all those Jeffersonian strict constructionists out there, local control and local representation is just what they had in mind!
Does anyone know the breakdown of voter turnout by region/area? Of those 30,000 voters in the last election, where they disproportionately from the RSM/MV area? Did San Clemente and South District have about an equal turnout?
I'm sorry I missed the free entertainment last night - but I'm with Mr. Murphy in asking exactly what was passed last night. Isn't the County hearing on Sept. 30 to decide if it will be a special election (at a reduced cost) that would take place prior to Nov. 2010? Or is it definitely going to be a Nov. 2010 ballot issue? Thank you.
I just posted about the recalled teachers but it accidentally went to the July 23 posts.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on Another One Gone... at Beyond the Blackboard
I'm assuming that the reason for 29 Elementary teachers being called back is because the board changed 1st grade from 30-1 to 25-1. There seems to be a lag time from when they voted on that item and when they can officially rehire the laid off teachers. I'm sure that those 29 Elementary teachers, as well as the rescinded secondary teahers, will all receive an email followed by a letter from personnel letting them know. I have no idea if more will be recalled as I can't think of any other cut programs that have been reinstated. Any thoughts about there being more teachers recalled?
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on Another One Gone... at Beyond the Blackboard
I agree completely with bringing back veterans like Carolyn Williams who knows every aspect of secondary education as she's been a teacher, asst. principal, activities advisor, principal and secondary administrator. It feels like many programs will be in limbo without some continuity regarding the programs that are in place.
I read the linked article in the LA Times about LA Unified & Union making concessions and possibly reinstating CSR for 2009-10. Is that a possibility in CUSD? Is appears that have reached this potential agreement through only a 1% pay cut and a freeze on step/column. I know there are other issues and that those concessions are short term solutions - but nonetheless, it seemed to me, that that is the direction they may be going. Could that happen here?