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Congratulation on your new book! I have learned so much from you Isela, from your books, to your Web site and blogs, to the Yahoo Groups. I had tried to needle knit but never got the hang of it. When I saw my mom loom knitting I did some research and came across all of your wonderful instructions and was able to pick it up rather quickly. I have not tried loom knitting socks yet, but I have two balls of self striping sock yarn and I am very anxious to get started, but I need a good book ;) to start me on my journey. I want to loom knit socks because my feet are very narrow so I am usually stuck with having to buy boys size socks to get a good fit (you know - the plain old hum drum tube socks without a heel). If I knit my own socks, I can have pretty socks that fit while showing off my loom knitting skill along with some style. Also, since I knit for charity, I would love to be able to get a copy of your book so I can knit a variety of socks to take to the shelters and hospitals when I donate my other loom knit goods, not to mention that I would also be able to send socks to our troops overseas. I can't wait to get a copy of your book and start a new journey... Hugs
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