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So really, what you're saying is that the blood draw test just has more breeds available than the cheek swab's not that blood is better. I have been interested in having my dog tested with one of these tests. The little bit of research I have done, it is my understanding that the blood draw test is done by a candy company, and the biggest of the cheek swab tests (that I can find) is done by an actual genetics company. I'm leaning towards the cheek swab test, just for the fact that I would feel a little more comfortable knowing that people that do actual genetic testing on a day-to-day basis, will hopefully provide better results, even though they may have a few less breeds in their database (plus, my dog hates to go to the Vet!). So we'll see!
In regards to your comment about the Blood draw method being better than the cheek swab testing. Isn't DNA just DNA? I have heard of a test for people who have a dog pooping in their yard, and they want ot find out what neighbothood dog it send in a "sample" and they'll tell you the breed of the "offender". My understanding of DNA collection for Canine testing (even human too), is that DNA is DNA is DNA. And I do believe that the cheek swab is not collecting saliva, but rather, skin cells.