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Brutalism, while not my preferred style, certainly has its place & should be celebrated for what it is. The only example I'd like to see razed in Greensboro would be the Lincoln Financial printing facility on Church street, simply because its modest one story scale so emphasizes its unhuman element, resulting in what is essentially a one block raised finger to pedestrians. At least structures such as the Govt Plaza & Greene St deck convey a sense of purpose, if not an air of "concrete jungle." While not opposed to dressing up our Brutalist structures, I must say with all respect to the artist & those who gifted the installation, that the art on the Greene St Deck does NOT work in my opinion. It seems very tacked-on and clashes with the building's design elements, rather than compliment & enhance them. The whimsical swirls of color simply do not mesh with the crisp monochrome lines so prevalent throughout the structure. The result looks clownish; as though someone set out to put lipstick on a pig rather than humanize what was already there. Inject bold color? Do it in linear fashion. Add more organic shape? Then do so using subdued or complimentary shades. The fact they took the word "park" off the side of the parking deck pretty much tells you that the art is not harmonious with the structure.