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That's more like it, Bryce. Welcome back!
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Come on Bryce, enough of this thinly-disguised advertising for what seems certain to become next year's compulsory text-book (ah, the joys of having a captive market). "Liberation" used to be a compulsory read for those of us with an interest in political analysis from an independent left-wing perspective. I sincerely hope the recent dearth of non-advertorial postings doesn't mean your HoD has put a censorious spanner in the works. Your perspective was as refreshing as it was badly needed in a blogosphere mired in MUD - Mutually Unedifying Derision. Get back on track, Comrade, we need you.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2009 on epolitics in the 2008 NZ election at liberation
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It can't have been that close, Sean. From the moment he took over from Don Brash, Key went to considerable lengths to woo the Maori Party - and Tariana Turia responded by dropping bigger and bigger hints that she would fall into his arms. National needed to neutralise both Winston and Tariana to be sure of winning - and on both counts it succeeded admirably. Meanwhile, Maori unemployment goes through the roof and Tariana's new-found friends are preparing to incarcerate a large number of her people in shipping containers. Oh yes, she made a progressive choice - no doubt about it.
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Dear Lord! Bryce, I'm beginning to despair. Did Ms Sullivan ever pause to wonder why the media coverage had changed? Did she ask herself whether it might have been in response to the change in National's dramatic about-face on Maori issues? And to the fact that, as the months passed, it became clearer and clearer that the Maori Party intended to throw in its lot with National, rather than Labour? I have always believed that the question academic scholars have the greatest responsibility to answer - on behalf of the citizens who pay their salaries - is "Why?" Clearly, I was wrong.
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I have to say, Bryce, I'm with Nik on this one. How anyone with even a passing interest in NZ politics could fail to notice The Herald's consistent and outrageous political bias in favour of the National Party during the 2008 General Election campaign (as well as the 36 months preceding it) is simply astounding. What do they put in the drinking water at our universities? Bottled water from now on, Bryce - before you, too, turn into a pod person.
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