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Interests: scuba diving, and sky diving
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Rumor has it that HOD will meet today for reorganization. A source told me that the Chairman of Ways & Means is mostly likely the target of the reorganization. A reason a uase aleko di melekoi a tekoi ra blekeu e omecheracheb ra Delegates.
Commented Sep 16, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVII at okedyulabeluu
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Cheuas, We should question Diaz then why is he talking about the casino when the Angaur people should be the ones talking about it!!! Teluidel a chural. Please provide him a rope!!!
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... not only that lissy but it also inhibits the freedom to blog without fear of retribution. This is a consequence of some of us who couldn't stop blogging without resorting to name calling and use of the F words and more.
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