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Mr. Floatie
Mr. Floatie, the Ambassador for Heal the Harbor, Inc. is a lovable environmentalist & advocate for clean water. He is child-friendly, non-confrontational and devoted to clean-water awareness. Mr. Floatie is tall, dark and handsome and in the height of nautical fashion sporting his bright yellow sailor hat and matching boots.
Interests: OUR MISSION STATEMENT # Reduce pollution effluent from Hen Island. # Keep the shores of Hen Island clean from trash and floating debris. # Ensure that the Hen Island Board of Directors and individual cottage owners, take responsibility for past actions and create a new environmentally friendly and safe atmosphere in Milton Harbor. # Require politicians, commissioners, and municipal employees to hold Hen Island (Kuder Island Colony Inc.) and its cottage owners to the same health, safety and building codes as every other community in Westchester County.
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It amazes me how all these local "environmentally concerned" groups in Rye claim to be so concerned. Yet they along with the entire Rye City Council ignore the Hen Island pollution and health code violations that threaten our children year after year.
Wondering if they will be discussing the Rye City's Council's failure to address the feces from Hen Island which has been polluting the Milton Harbor shoreline for years?
That’s wonderful! Councilwoman Goddard and Deputy Mayor Hurd must be proud the are composting table scraps as they still allow Hen Islanders to deposit their defecation along the shores of Milton Harbor.
The Mayor's Illegal Abode
Doug French's Legacy
I'm with Divman on this one. She is only in it for her political future.The work load fits with the store operation, the salary and the health benefits follow suit. "Catharine Parker the right person to sell luggage and gifts, the wrong person to lead our community"
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!
Hen Island sewage Polluting The Long Island Sound
At tonight’s final city council meeting as the self proclaimed “Dream Team” said goodbye and patted themselves on the back for over a half hour, I couldn’t help but remember how much self-praise really stinks. (And that’s coming from an 8’ turd) You have not left Rye in a better place then it was when you found it. You still have 34 homes on Hen Island polluting Milton Harbor and breeding mosquitoes by the millions. Your continued failure to protect the health and safety of our residents is a prime example of your administration’s many deficiencies. Don’t let the door hit you in the as* on the way out.
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Interesting that Jay Sears doesn't seem to think it's "a BS cause"
Chris Henn I missed your attacks. As I said many times when you start attacking the people it because you can't attack the issues. Let's stick to the facts Mr. Polluter!
A golden toilet would be the perfect gift for the entire Rye United team seeing as they continue to allow raw sewage from homes on Hen Island to pollute Rye and Mamaroneck harbors.
In this photo I am aboard one of the spotter boats during the swim portion of the Westchester Triathlon In this photo I was cheering on runners as they cross the finish line in Rye Town Park.
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Can the Floatiemobile be the first car over the bridge if we get there early? Maybe Dick can ride in the car with me?
Haven't seen Dougie Dolittle in a long time.I will try and be there but this is short notice.
Did someone mention Catherine Parker?
Did someone mention Catherine Parker, Mack's ex- council mate?
My vote is on Mack Cunningham and if he wins, I will be his personal caddy for free! Everyone seen what a great job he did cleaning up Hen Island when he was on the City Council.
@ Jay Sears with no disrespect meant to Jayson, I’m throwing my hat in the ring! I do not intend to turn this into a smear campaign. I am going to run on a platform of investigating Scott Pickup! Great behinds stink alike. We need to flush out the issue so everyone knows. We need moral fibre and commitment from our politicians. We need to push together to get some movement on this issue. Mr. Floatie cares deeply for the people of Rye. After all, he is from everyone in Rye, so if people get grumpy, he gets all lumpy, and that's not fun for anyone. It’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it. I’d be happy if I came in number two, but turd place would be a bummer. I’m a single issue, single tissue kind of turd. I am tired of working behind the scenes. I want to become more of a mover and a shaker in this city and I intend to push really hard. I may be the underlog in this race, but I think I can come from behind to win! There's a methane to my madness! If you want things to really happen, vote for someone who has his crap together, vote for Mr. Floatie!
Can’t wait till November! Should the republicans decide to endorse French again? (Which I doubt) I‘ll be following French like sh*t on a stick….. I promise to be as civil as possible!!!
Merry Christmas to all! Below; Rye’s Miracle On Purchase Street for your holiday viewing. We now can thank Mayor French for not protecting the health and safety of Rye reisdents.
oooooh! I like this guy Republican Trust! "You chose politics above the well being of the city." "A place where crumbling sidewalks take precedent over the deteriorating morals and values of men."
• A picture of me at the the Jarden Westchester County Triathlon in 2008. " I’d be happy if I came in number two, but turd place would be a bummer."
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi