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Hey Lou, Looks to me like you managed to insult both "journalists" and bloggers in the same post. I'm not sure that either insult was intended, but regardless - there's nothing like a controversial post to get the traffic flowing. You make journalists look like parasites who aggregate information created by others. And obviously, you managed to insult Harry as well. Not sure why you picked on him, but I'd say he is due an apology. Let me share an anecdote on the traditional journalists. I covered ISSCC in February in my role as an analyst for DIGDIA. I saw plenty of journalists in the press room, but not a single one in any of the technical sessions I attended. My guess is that they spent their time in pre-arranged interviews, based on what they wrote. That makes sense, because I don't think any of the journalists have the technical depth to digest and report on the papers presented. And that is the point with EDA bloggers as well. The value they add is that they understand the tools they work with and write about, well BEYOND what appears in a press release. -Mike Demler
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