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In these times, I think we are learning new concepts of comfort, and in the end, many will be better off for it. I so enjoy reading your daily entries, and the layout is very "comfortable" as well.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2020 on Reclaiming comfort ... at trimmingthesails
Love your stamp display, but then you knew I would.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2020 on Summer Scavenger Hunt: Round 2 at random reflections
Oh I like these selections too. Not sure how I missed this post the first time around.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2020 on Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt at random reflections
Nicely done on these last snaps. How nice that you can use your great grandmothers flat iron in a much more pleasant way than she had to do.
I agree it felt as though summer just passed us by. While thankful for the cooler temperatures, I still feel wanting. We need to put more effort into capturing the autumn season by more than waiting. I hope you finally get over what has been ailing you; it is no fun to be feeling below par when (normally) there is so much to do. I see that my library has that book available for download; I might need the advice for when I eventually get old too. ;-)
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2020 on Summer should be fined ... at trimmingthesails
Wow, I can't believe the vibrant color of those leaves were colored with pencils. And that second card is just so lovely. Well done on both counts.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2020 on Two Cards for Two Challenges at random reflections
What a wonderful place - prime spot for rest and relaxation and lots of activity as well. Enjoy.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2020 on Five in Five: September at random reflections
So glad to be catching up with you again. I hope your cold is gone for good and the malaise has passed. I've not been having any luck trying to do things on a regular basis - my 100 days Bible Study just sits here glaring back at me - barely started. But I have finally been able to concentrate and do a lot more reading, so I take that as a good sign. And Christmas cards have been started. Your basket of ironing comment made me smile, I was just thinking last week that maybe I should tackle mine for the first time in 6 months. Not that much has been added to it during the whole lock-down as we've just not needed any of it. Except for what was tossed on top, some new dinner napkins I think they will need ironing the first few times. Also I was reminded that I have dry-cleaning from 3 months ago that needs to be picked up. I would rather like a day out of running errands. Let's hope that September means more freedom, even if in baby steps.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2020 on Still Truckin' ... at trimmingthesails
Congrats! It is obvious to your blog readers that your card making skills will always be in high demand.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2020 on A New Challenge at random reflections
Lots of good stuff going on there. I procrastinate on purging photos too - especially because I seem to have so many random ones that I snapped for the blog over the years. What a great birthday "card" they made for her.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2020 on Good-bye July, Hello August at random reflections
Such lovely coloring on those cards.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2020 on Your Light Shines at random reflections
Beautiful cards. You've enabled me on the Gina K templates. I have some Queen & Co. foundation dies which are quick becoming staples in my card making, but I don't have anything that cuts that perfect mat. Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2020 on Two Cards, Three Challenges at random reflections
So so pretty. You are very blessed with flowers, you lucky lady.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2020 on Five in Five: July Edition at random reflections
Pretty - and it looks involved even though it is a single layer. Your color choices are spot on.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2020 on A One Layer Card at random reflections
I think I will order the Churchill book for hubby for Father's Day. He and I listened to a John Grisham short story (1.5 hours) on a car ride the other day. It only reinforced to us that we both think he is way overrated. The stories are okay, his style is just too plain for our tastes.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2020 on One Little Word: May Recap at random reflections
You are the master of beautiful details on a card that first looks so clean and simple. What a pleasure both at first glance, and later on taking in the small bits of interest you've added.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2020 on Card Concept: Bright Flowers at random reflections
Gorgeous! Your fave is my fave too; although that first one comes in a close second.
Those clusters are just beautifully done, and the flair anchor them so nicely. Lovely layout.
Those camera cards are so clever. I have so many extra photos, that I keep telling myself I will use them on cards, but then never do. Your watercoloring is lovely. Right now I am playing with alcohol markers, but watercoloring in on my list of things I want to improve. Of course, it will take me quite some time to be in your league.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2020 on Happy Mother's Day at random reflections
Beautiful cards, that last one is particularly stunning, with its vibrant colors that work so well together.
Toggle Commented May 7, 2020 on Spring Card Camp Continued at random reflections
I love both the drama of that card, and the peacefulness brought on by those lovely flower photos. Thanks for sharing both.
These times are definitely ones that support that old adage - the more the merrier. Glad the official quarantine is behind you, although the un-quarantine is no where no normal. But we are grateful for every little bit of freedom we can find, aren't we. Stay well, all that exercise is good for all of you!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2020 on Life now (April 2020) at trimmingthesails
A - dor - a - ble!
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2020 on Spring Card Camp at random reflections
Such cute, cute cards. Lamb sounds wonderfully fancy - that is the kind of meal Easter celebrations deserve. And I understand the bittersweet feelings of food connected to those we loved who are no longer with us. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog post. I was almost afraid to admit that my current disappointments were combating all the eternal optimism I was supposed to be feeling. We just, must keep our eye on the end game, and remember that this too shall pass. Hope you have a blessed week.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2020 on Happy Easter! at random reflections
Wow, another beautiful card. I keep deciding for and against doing a 100 day challenge. I feel a bit too scatterbrained to pull it off right now. But I would like to spend more time coloring with copics and watercoloring stamped images. Maybe I should start with a 10 day challenge. 😉