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LMAO!!! oooooooo PHWanco is in TWOUBLE!!! Looks like your fellow officers are not to happy with you!!! BadCopNoDonut, Who was covering his *** during entertainment hour??? Probably his fellow officers, why aren't you guys ratting on him??? Do his superiors know of this? Bye Bye Franco!
So Enough said Go Team French!!
The Truth, Obviously the truth hurts, you Hen Islander Ray bashers are always on the defense!
Mrs.Neary, It seems you have gone through great lengths at a very convienant time. I'm amazed that you took the time to look up Mr.Carroll's age? Given the fact that you and your husband have only lived here for a very short time how do you know so much about his personal life? Why do you think he has never had an interest in what goes on in Rye? Very far from the truth! You mentioned that your husband was a NYPD Member, NOT YOU! Maybe you should ask him to reach out to some of his contacts and look up Commissioner Connors background as carefully as you have Mr.Carroll's? He can then report to you as you report to Mayor Otis. Mr.Amico mentioned you live on Midland Ave. I have not seen any support from you for him or the childrens safety. WHY NOT? What is your opinion on the sign and the reason for the sign in Mr.Amico's yard? Why are you under the assumption that all those annoymous bloggers are the same persons? Did you and Mayor Otis ever stop to think more and more people see through him like a piece of swiss cheese?? Do not recall seeing you at any Council Meetings, what is the reason for this? Are you not interested in what goes on in Rye or are you one of those good people you speak of that are scared to go? When did Mayor Otis come up with this idea to make you his personal PLANT???
WOW, It doesn't get any cockier than that. I guess now we should all bow down to Mr.Ball. Well Andy, you definitely have solidified my vote. I don't know about the rest of you but I can't wait to pull the lever in favor of Andy. LMAO!!!
WOW, It doesn't get any cockier than that. I guess now we should all bow down to Mr.Ball. Well Andy, you definitely have solitified my vote. I don't know about the rest of you but I can't wait to pull the lever in favor of Andy. LMAO!!!
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Avg.citizen, LOL! Pretty funny assumption. To answer your question; I support the RPD and fully understand the difficult position they are in. I won't go as far as saying they are in a whole not doing what they have sworn to do. The problem I have as well as most of us in Rye have is when a taxpayer files the same complaint over and over again and nothing is done about it. There are many streets in Rye that share the same problem and nothing is done about it! As I said, I am sympathetic to their position but I don't see why citizens and their children have to be put in harms way for the shortcomings of their leaders!! Internal issues or not we should not be subjected to the every day dangers that are presented before us! School starts in 2 days, I'll be back on Friday to further my point or thank them for listening!
Avg.Citizen, Do you actually live in RYE? You must not if you need to be informed on the status of the RPD!
Mr.Mochel, I was merely trying to point out that Ray was not driving the car and was not a passenger so since he had no knowledge of this how could he be to blame.Since Ray has taken full responsibility for his drivers actions there is no need for me to comment further. As for your comment: "Furthermore, I ride my bike through town on a daily basis, and I rarely see the kind of reckless driving that I saw this week from Ray's driver". Either you ride your bike with your eyes closed or you really don't spend as much time on Purchase as you think! As for the RPD I am not suggesting that they are responsible for the wreckless act of others I am stating that they can fix the problem and don't! Since you live in the Forest Ave. neighborhood you must surely understand where I'm coming from, for example: if the RPD cracked down on the speeding that goes on on Forest don't you think it would happen less often or maybe not at all?
Mr.Mochel, I'm sure Ray does not condone this behavior and he shouldn't be held responsible for the wreckless act of others. What you are describing is the behavior of 90% of the licensed drivers in Rye and in case you haven't been paying attention the RPD is a mess and until we replace the current leadership it will continue to stay this way.The morale has hit bottom so if you want something done about this don't vote for Otis and what he stands for and we can fix this much quicker.
I'm Curious, Since when does the Commissioner of a Police Dept. dictate what is written in local papers???
quincy dolan, I'm curious, is that your true identity? Most bloggers do not use their real name. How would someone say something to someone in person without knowing how to reach that person? I looked up "internet coward" in the Webster but couldn't find it...could you define that for me please.
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Linus, Nice Spin....nice to know you 1/2 (otis) heartedly agree with us! LOL!
Linus, Nice Spin....nice to know you 1/2 (otis) heartedly agree with us! LOL!
SoundBounder, Very well said. The usual cry babies whining on myrye. Linus, When will you and the rest of the RAY HATERS take sides from a positive? You goof balls are the biggest cry babies Rye has to offer. Get over it and move on already, in other words............. SHUT UP!!! Your constant criticism is getting real old and we are all tired of listening to your crap!!!
Claremont, If you deserve a ticket you deserve a ticket. FTR- That is not what I meant. Try reading a bit SLOWER maybe you will get it right the 2nd time around! thatcher, You hit the nail on the head! Just because this is Ray's car does not make it any less of a crime and the RPD needs to investigate this, make an arrest and make it public.
The Residents don't have to do or worry about anything. When is the last time you wrote such a ticket? Better yet when is the last time you wrote any ticket? We can't wait to see something enforced around here!!! So... how is the investigation coming along in finding out who is the culPRICK damaging Ray's car???