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I've been looking for something like this to help our state affiliate of the Learning Disabilities Association develop more strategic ways of reaching our stakeholders. Love the visual, and think it help us to develop our overall plan more effectively because it provides the needed graphic organization that we need so much. kosobud51(at)gmail(dot)com Kathleen Kosobud, past president, LDA of Michigan
I'm right there with you about the aspirations for my children, Nancy. I'm just a little concerned that those of us who were in the middle class are going to witness our children's decline onto the edge of financial cliffs. Their values will be safe, but they may, at times, be faced with having to apply for food assistance, go without dental care, or other economic supports in order to make it. It used to happen to other people, but now it's happening to us!
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Well-schooled civility, Grasshopper! As teachers, we learn to identify situations that demand a certain decorum and teach that decorum, by analogy, to our students. If we were attending an event where POTUS makes a speech, I'd be telling my students to treat it as if they were going to church and sitting next to their grandmothers: church clothing, respectful behavior, and keeping their private thoughts to themselves. And afterwards, I'd be sure to ask about the message of the "sermon", to give them an outlet to express those private thoughts in a forum of diverse opinions, expressed with thoughtful consideration. I am so tired of political trash-talk, and news commentary that masquerades as reporting.
Shucks! I didn't proofread. I meant, at the end of comment 1 to say "hooking my son on a daily dose of pizza and chocolate milk." Hope the spelling/grammar police don't condemn me as a bad teacher...
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on What's for Lunch? at Teacher in a Strange Land
Two comments: one from the parent end, one from the teacher end. 1. My son went to school every day with a lunch box packed with his favorite foods. Two months into the school year, I received a bill from the food service for nearly $40 for all of the hot lunches he'd "charged". Mind you, this was a 6 year old kid with language learning disabilities, and ADD. So I'm wondering how come it took so long for the food service to bill me...Your post makes me think it wasn't a mistake, but a deliberate attempt to make more money by hooking my food on a daily dose of pizza and chocolate milk. Hmmmmmmm. 2. In all my years as a teacher, I don't think I ever spent less than $500 on books, supplies and computer programs for my students with special educational needs. I saved all my receipts and wrote my expenditures onto my itemized deductions each year. It took me a lot of time to do my taxes, but it was always nice to see that I got a tiny amount back for itemizing. But, again, your post makes me think back on all that money that came out of pocket, and all the time it took to account for it, and makes me sad that teachers are still not regarded as professional enough to warrant a professional salary, and working conditions where it isn't necessary to supplement their classroom supplies out of their own, less than adequate compensation for the work they do.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on What's for Lunch? at Teacher in a Strange Land