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Tracey Fieber
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Hi, Alicia, Great idea to ask them to fill out a short questionnaire after registering for a teleseminar. That way you can be extremely specific in answering the questions the participants have right away. Thanks for your great ideas, I enjoy receiving them since they provide tweaks to my marketing that I can use immediately. Tracey Fieber
Your blog was shared with me today by one of my VA's, and I've sent her a message to say 'thank you'. This fits so perfectly with what I'm doing. I left corporate to coach corporate executives and entrepreneurs entering the retirement transition. Often people retire trying to figure out "what's next?", and freelance is definitely an option, even a plan for many. This blog provides a great resource where I can send them to learn more while I coach them to help make the decision that fits for them. Thanks for the great info, I'd love to feature you as a guest expert on a teleseminar. Let me know if that interests you and we can talk. Tracey Fieber
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