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"Good for OP. Twice the arrest rate per vehicle stopped with half the cost and no constitutional questions." Yeah....Good for OP for approving a couple hours of OT since this is all this amounts too. The arrest rate per vehicle is up because they only stop the blatently drunk people 3x the legal limit and give a free pass to everyone else......Half the cost because they aren't doing anything, normal traffic control with a couple extra officers.......again no constitutional questions because its just a normal Sunday afternoon traffic control shift with a few more buddies to talk to on the radio......99.95% of all the people breaking the law go free......Good job OP!!!
For Kevin and the Police Mutt, What exactly do YOU consider a safe speed to dodge a drunk driver? There have been multiple STOPPED police cars hit in the past month alone by drunk drivers. Can you please propose how the police can operate their vehicles going negative MPH? Thanks!
"Drunkenness always affects driving." Really, all drunk drivers can be detected by watching them drive by? Hence the reason for my name.
Truth - Is that a bad thing??
Sasquach - Wouldn't just walking around the airport looking for nervous people achieve the same thing? No different then just driving around looking for people swerving.
Sasquach - Yes, witnessed your rants before. Thanks. Did you know that until they are ruled unconstitutional, they are going to continue? Again, why do we blindly accept security czechpoints at airports, causing alot more delays per year and day then any DUI checkpoint, all in the name of the same safety nametag? Drunk drivers kill far more people each year, then all of the incidents in airline history combined.
Uh, RIDL, that was my comment, but that's alright. Did you ever notice that when you got into your car and drove down the road you did it voluntarily? Did you notice that you had to get a driver's license, pass driving tests, maintain a semi-satisfactory driving record to keep your license? Driving is a privilege, not a Constitutional right. They are required by a Supreme Court decision to notify the public of the location prior to the checkpoint, if you voluntarily choose to get in your car, on that night, during that timeframe, and drive down the area they are going to be in, that is your choice.
LOL! Marvin....I definitely was not trying to say that the kookoo defense was not well justified in this case. It's just sad when the crime itself is used as evidence that they are loony.
Those life saving bastards.... Making people wait in a line = illegally detaining? I guess Wal-Mart is going to be sentenced to 50 million counts of kidnapping... Or is it the act of asking you about 3 questions? If that's the case, then the Chiefs security checkpoint people and bank loan officers better get some good lawyers. Oh, and the poor teenage drive-thru speaker folks who make you wait in line and then ask you stupid questions like "How may I help you?" and "Would you like fries with that?", May God help them.
WTF?! What humans are capable of never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately, the more grotesque the crime, the easier it is to use the details of the crime themselves as evidence to make a case for mental illness.