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Interests: movies, books, science, mythology
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does anybody wanna trade? i live in the dessert with no greenery or mountains (well there are mountains but only bare rocks on them), beaches all around me and sand. i miss grass more then anything in the world and fresh air . living under A/C is exhausting sometimes and the sandy beaches are boring. still it's where i live and it has it's beauty. so enjoy your rain (send some my way plz plz plz) and spectacular views form mountain tops......:) and i on my yet another desert safari......:) God Bless
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cheer cannot be that bad. after all you are a member of ZQ community. just remember there are ppl out there with in far more worse situations that any of us can even imagine. :) so chin up, put a smile on your face (even a fake one will do) and things will start to brighten up. in the words of a very smart bunch of ppl cvalled Monthy Pyton "Always look on the bright side of life....ta ra...ta ra...tarataratara..." God Bless
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totally get your point @ Gayle. the show has its good sides and with the array of new characters it will continue to have a following no doubt about that and i will continue to watch it (if for no other reason then Sylar). as far as the carnival thing i love them but this one doesn't sit well with me for some reason (it seams to normal - if that makes any sense). I guess just like @blueninja19 i'm waiting for the story to PS but in my case if it doesn't get that exciting there's always Walter Bishop :)
am i the only one that thinks that new Heroes season have lost their edge a little bit? don't get me wrong i still love the show but i feel like somethings missing. carnival thing seams a bit over the... Continue reading
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Sep 30, 2009
thank you for this post . i have not been in the community for some time and was flipping through the posts and loved yours cos' it cough my eye. it was something different. unexpected. and just lovely. thank you. i guess being roman catholic myself it kinda helps in noticing these things :) lol. God Bless........ :)
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Sep 14, 2009
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Sep 14, 2009
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Sep 8, 2009
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Sep 8, 2009
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Sep 8, 2009
You do make a good fascinatingly logical point. lol i think we both like the movie for the same reason - Spock, and there is a certain comfort factor in knowing that (i'm not the only one kinda factor---lol). being a movie freak as i am i tend to be overcritical but without a doubt Star Trek 11 definitely is a good piece of entertainment, even with all it's plot holes.
well here's one for you. JJ is great don't get me wrong but in Star Trek he (along with the writing team) disregarded some of the very basic Newtonian laws (such as gravity, breathing in Stratosphere etc.) for more detailed account go to sorry to blow your bubble. i like the movie very much and i do agree with you on some points besides i am a Trekkie to the core but to say that there is nothing wrong with the movie that breaks this basic laws of physics is pushing it. this is just my humble opinion. if you want to see perfection in movies have a look at Hitchcock or Orson Wales. God Bless :)
oh i have to check out Dolores O'Riordan's album. :)
Does anybody else like Shut Your Eyes by Snow Patrol? Beautiful Lyrics and enchanting music. Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
i agree with you. initially we are all here because we admire ZQ and his work but we stay here because it gives us an opportunity to share our own ideas as well and get to know people form different corners of the world. it a very good community to be a member of.
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hi everyone. i felt like sharing something with you. i just finished listening to Star Trek audio read by ZQ and i have to say what a great job he's done with it (even with the not-so-gr8 Scottish accent).The fantastic... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
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Aug 22, 2009
O let me shed a little light On someone's path I pray; I'd like to be a messenger Of happiness today! It may be just a phone call, A smile, or a prayer, Or a long neglected letter Would lift... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
ate: chocolate cacke drank: mint tea watched: sound of music played: super collapse read: local newspaper music: running to stand still-U2 hope it helps.
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Broken Heart - need i say more?
Aug 3, 2009
wow, Twitter numbers almost 20 000, community growing steadily i don't think anybody could have predicted this. i wonder what are Zach's thoughts on this? it would be nice to, (i hope it's not just wishful thinking), to hear a... Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
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Jul 31, 2009
u have gotta b kidding me girls. Mostar, I love that place. you should add Jajce to that list to visit as well, while in Bosina & Herzegovina that is, that is city full of history (dating (only) form 11th century) . :). i'll post some pictures later.
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sounds fantastic. u have my vote ...
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