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To Chip’s, comment: Sex may sell, but sex is a very influential part of the human experience and I don't think we really give this topic the kind of discussion needed to inform and inspire people in to discovering a healthy, biblical perspective on this powerful subject. It is my experience that many people do not feel that they have a place/person to approach to talk through/explore their experiences and beliefs surrounding sex. Not everyone has a concern about their understanding of sex and how it impacts their existence, but it seems those that do, have a hard time finding an environment where they feel respected and safe to seek truth and understanding. Dave I appreciated your commentary on the Stage 4 "prescription". As a church planter and a person who is regularly engaged in discourse on spirituality by those seeking I find it refreshing to read these posts. I'm not sure I can be classified in a particular stage as of yet. I don't vacillate in my convictions, yet I am always trying to learn from where others are at. Why do people believe what they believe? What are their experiences and how has this shaped their worldview, etc... That’s my take and why I appreciate these postings. John
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PB I would recommend an examination of the website Jeff mentioned. There is a section labeled "What others say about us" that has news stories giving some insight you may not have had before. I would love to see a tutorial that would represent the good, bad and ugly of the situation from both the Israeli and Palestinian perspective. In my exploration of the topic I have spoken with both sides (not very in-depth). I'll tell you there is some deep, passion driven issue on both side. Tough topic...I'm happy it's on someone's radar. Hopefully wiser people than me will work it out. JG
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Otto, Thank you for sharing your experience and your understanding about forgiveness. I really see the ring of life and truth in those last two paragraphs. Well spoken, thanks.
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Dave, You stated "the narrative that matters most here is the one of the historically powerless". How is Prof. Gates Powerless? Because of his race? I'm not Black so I don't have a voice to speak to that. Do you believe he was powerless because he was unarmed? I have been in that situation, simply because of the circumstances I was treated as a person of suspicion. I did what the police officers told me to because quite frankly it is imbecilic to become agitated with police officers when they are concern that you need to be cleared of suspicion. Prof. Gates is not powerless, he is a man of affluence and social connection. He was involved in activity that was suspicious, and the police acted accordingly. I can agree with you that there are racist police officers, as I would also state that there are racist college professors. I don't believe Sgt. Crowley fits the criteria of a racist or an officer who racially profiled Prof. Gates. President Obama's comments about this event were premature, unfounded, and ignorant. I find that sad coming from a President noted for his eloquence in speech. I'm curious why are you happy about all the press this event is getting? John
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