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He's the leader of our country, not a stand up comedian or musical performer! I should hope that he cares more about the intentionality of his words. Bushisms, anyone? Conversely, if he was loose and 'authentic' and spoke without teleprompters, and made errors a la Bush, we'd be all over him then, too! I prefer a public that thinks you're scripted over one that thinks you're dumb. Politics aside, the last time I checked, people read lines to 'get it right' - to convey the message with success and without error. Is that really all THAT bad? By the way, Is this any different than conducting town hall meetings in front of attendants that had been screened and scoured for viewpoints prior to the event? Really? The Obama Teleprompter Police has some nerve... Since when are intentionality and transparency all that bad? To compare the number of Obama's press conferences to that of Bush? Really? As if Bush was the standard? Was Bush not criticized for the lack of transparency? He's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Not exactly the easiest place to hide. I think over exposed comes with the job. Overexposure is something Paris Hilton needs to worry about. Not the POTUS. It's detrimental to her career, not his.
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