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I want to be clear that I meant "unwavering" and NOT "unswerving". Now I stand corrected. Kyei
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on Ngerulmud Let Me Be Free at okedyulabeluu
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Alii Santy: You really did put some thought into your response to Delulchum. Well done!! I sincerely want to thank you very much for pointing out this despicable act by some of these people we elected as our lawmakers. Perhaps shedding light on this incident into public view will be a good time for our OEK to formulate and instill code of conducts (and ethics) amongst themselves and especially toward the general public, not only within our congress hall but also in public. As a democratic nation; and having been educated by American school systems, our senators and delegates should realize that power through intimidation and ridicule is the thing of the past. It may be a cultural trait as typical Palauan male which in this day and age, no longer applies. Through our education, we have come to understand that power in anything lies in your knowledge of the truth, what is just, and love for all people with unswerving belief in all human rights. The public shame and fear of being ridiculed, I believe, should be what our OEK membership should be deserving of, if they have no respect for the general public. After all, we are the ones who put them in those positions. And don’t forget also, that we have the power to take them out. Beware now my good friend. Watch yourself and stay being an advocate for justice to the People. You’re in good position to do so. May the good Lord bless you! ak di Kyei
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2009 on Ngerulmud Let Me Be Free at okedyulabeluu
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I’ve always disagree with most of our president’s decisions. However, this is one of the rare exceptions. I do believe, also, in a possible security risks that our nation faces by importing unlimited number of foreigners to our mother land This idea has positive impacts to Palau. If the process of importation includes screening to prevent criminals from coming to our country then that is even better. And we pass the cost of this process to those countries that are sending their citizens here. Excuse my ignorance if there is such process in place. Another positive impact is the fact that now, unless you are rich or can afford it, us Palauans are forced to do our own works, which leads to physical activities, good health, longer life. Ak di…
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Islander, Ollei, fellow islander. You sound so blind and desperate. Wake up and smell the reality. Open your eyes, man. We all should be looking forward for the good of Palau and all Palauans…like some of the lines in your discussion. And foremost, let’s not blame and point fingers for our present problems at somebody else, that being our past administrations. We learn from the past. And shame on us if we repeat our mistakes. The point is, and by the way, again, your thoughts are right, in that you’re looking for something to kick start our fledgeling economy. And that is to attract foreign investments. You are just blinded by $$ that you can’t see your nose. And those problems are right in front of our face. Only if you’d looked at other regions that had set examples that we can learn from. Gambling is a disease that leads our people to lose their homes, properties, and their lives. Besides, who in Palau has money to gamble with? Just look at the state of Hawaii, Guam, and others. So where are the native islanders in these islands? Unless they held on to their lands, they are now serving those same foreign investors whom they all saw $$ from! Is this way you want to see as the future of Palau? It is OK to let foreign investors invest in Palau. However, letting these investments into Palau should not necessarily be damaging to our culture and environment. That should be the foresight that our present OEK and Administration be focused on not the $$. In fact we should allow it but only with our eyes open. For the last six months, what had happened that, us the general population, see as improvements in Palau a 100 folds? Nothing! Na Da! Sure, the first laws enacted were to increase OEK’s salary which JT approved. Next, TJ wants to increase his wage comparable to the US. As I said earlier, let’s not compare our little island to that of the world super power. U.S.A.’s president makes the kind of salary he makes because it can be afforded. Here in Palau we depend on handouts from U.S.A., Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and others. Yet, somehow our leaders’ focus is on themselves...wage increase. I say, let’s restructure our government system to fit the size of our population and level of economy. And formulate wages accordingly. Then, we can focus on foreign investments with our eyes wide open. Friends, we voted for these people we thought we could depend on. Now, all we can do is voice our disagreements in hopes of persuading them to do the right thing. We are stuck with them for the next 3.6 years to come. The main issue here is to a have a popular persuasion of our leaders’ minds. Can they hear us?? Let’s hope so. Sulang Islander. These discussions are important. Ak di Kyei
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Alii friends! I'm very dissatisfied with our present administration, too. A philosopher once said, "For Evil to triumph, all that is necessary is for Good Men to do nothing"?... something like that. So, come on, let's gather up our opposition, the Voice of the People. Bo lobdois el tang a 'uldesued el ngii a lemelted emo klisichel a Beluu.
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What nonsense! If we are looking for fairness then we should start from the top (CJ, ACJ, etc.) and start trimming down. Restructure our over-structured government and reduce exorbitant salaries to match our third-world economy... with such a small population that our officials serve. What they are proposing doesn't speak well to U.S. when we still begging for more money. We can not justify increase of salaries by comparing us to that of the U.S. We have no real sustainable economy to speak of. And that's what our officials should focus on. Let's focus on population's needs not the self-serving needs. That is fairness.
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