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Regenerative braking on bicycles isn't worth the extra weight, unless the system is already designed for full range traveling. Since a bike+rider is such a low weight, there isn't much kinetic energy to be stored when braking, unless you are trying to stop while going down a steep hill. Or if you are forced to stop every minute or so in heavy urban traffic. But the beauty of a bike is that you don't need to brake or stop nearly as often as car. I've been in competitive road cycling for 10 years and can tell you that a typical recreational "comfort" bike takes considerably more power to move than a road racing bike. I built my own electric bike, used a 600watt (continuous) 24v motor and two 12v 17ah SLA batteries (408 watt hours). I put this on a road bike that I could still pedal and coast on. Range was 12-15 miles at 23mph average speed, AT FIRST. Then it dropped after 5 cycles to about 5-7 miles at the same speed. Quality electric bikes simply cost too much for the average person who would use them for recreation and commuting. They need to have the range to enable the rider to go where they need to go without much pedaling at all. No one wants to get all sweaty commuting to work. LiPo batteries need to come down in cost, then the ebike will prosper. They will become great for many urban commuters. I can't stand driving my car in the city!! Parking tickets, traffic, time loss!