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Not to get too side tracked, but what are your thoughts regarding fat porn? I fail to see why mainstream feminism (including fat postitive feminism) is antagonistic towards this media. If a man (or woman) finds a plus size woman sexually attractive and jerks off to that image, why is that such a bad thing? Doesn't fat porn stand in opposition to the corporate monopoly over body image and the consumers' obsession over beauty standards? For example, let's take the following website: The owner and creator, Nancy, is an accountant who publishes busty pics of herself free to the public. She is over 50 years in age and overweight. She does not come anywhere close to the contemporary Paris Hilton "beauty standard". Yet scores of men flock to her site. I'd say, let free speech reign so that this spills over into the mainstream media. Why not a plus-size Maxim magazine or a bbw Playboy mag? So, Greta, why isn't there a bbw section at Blowfish?
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