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Hi Mike, I believe an IT manager can more effectively lead when he is fully aware of the function's (management) processes. Also, there's a fundamental need to have commercial discipline in the management of IT. This requires some common and easily applied management processes - for the IT team and for the IT "customers". This doesn't mean that we need to go overboard with the various different IT governance frameworks and models. However, everyone needs to understand how IT will be good financial stewards of the business's dollars for investment or for cost management. I think that's just the basics. And having a good foundation of the IT management basics, the IT manager can lead because: 1. There's trust from the IT manager's peers in IT's ability to "understand" the business needs. Perception is important. 2. Better decision making/project portfolio management over the many priorities IT has to decide for itself and for serving the business. 3. Strong financial or commercial sense is a value that IT can and should be bringing to the discussions. It puts the ownership back onto the right management decision body and not make it an "IT problem". I'd like to share for your readers is Wally Bock's excellent article on the Manager vs. Leader distinction. Thanks, -Lui
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