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Dec 15, 2015
We have just now moved our family room furniture to our “summer” arrangement and I can’t help be reminded of this time last year. I can still see each of you sitting here with her…laughing, and crying, and saying goodbye. Has it been one year already? I know my mom didn’t share the bad news until August. I just wanted to thank those who keep in touch and “checking in”. Kelly’s High School has a grief counselor and a grief group that meets once a week When that’s not enough, I’m still with United Airlines so we try to get to a beach and walk it and have a good cry! It’s not my news to tell, but I think she’s been too busy or it’s too hard to say goodbye, Christine moved to San Francisco (last week). I think my Mom had a hand in that, because she always wanted to live there, or at least visit if we lived there! Michael and my Dad are keeping busy with work and have their good days and bad but we all have each other and wonderful memories.
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My mom asked my Uncle Ken to speak at her services. He emailed her and asked if she’d like to read what he had put together. She wrote back, “No, surprise me.” For those that couldn’t make it, I’d like to post something he wrote at the end of what he said: Noreen wouldn’t have wanted this to be a sad occasion, but a celebration of family and friends, maybe another party which she has invited us to. So I say… Let us sing a song of Noreen Of the sea and the shore Of books and of school Of fuzzy dogs and warm days by the pool To her life as a mother As a wife, as a friend To her love of knowledge To her tenacity when she went back to college It’s sad, of course, that which is gone That which once was Of a family by the beach Of a wife and mother now out of reach When days grew short And shadows came near When voice and breath came slow When her eyes said, “it’s time to go” But, no, let’s sing a song of Noreen Be glad that she lived That her family and garden she would tend That her spirit had no end So, now, we do sing a song of Noreen We salute that she was here That we know her still, even as we part That she forever lives on, here in our heart.
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I guess the dog days of Summer are over?
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Any good books you would like to share? My mom can finish two books during a sleepless night! What our FANTASTIC library may not have, Michael will be able to locate at Barnes and Noble home office for sure. Kelly and I have been lucky these past years to have my mom pick the perfect books for us, be it vacation reads or school book reports. I'm sure many students enjoyed her book talks at GSHS; she has a way about making you want to pick up a book and learn more. Thank you mom for all of the hours you spent reading to us as kids, and with Kelly...priceless!
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