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the smell of mr. flotie seems to have polluted our pilitcos Lattemer, Astirino and Sack The lesson: only take odor free contributions.
Put a fork in it guys, the goose is cooked City council violations on Hen Island as per Board of Health and DEC. No violations and septic systems on hen Island legal.."as per "State supreme court".. No need for defence for a non - issue. No need indeed
Dear eat no reason to censor you..every reason to wash out your mouth with soap. If you have a point make it... We get enough of false innuendo and cheap slanderous shots from from your pal "Floatie".
I agree Matt..That is why I took after "Eat mr. floatie" Where is I miss him
Eat mr floatie What a bitter sexist jerk you are! My god you are worst than TedC, and Ray Tartaglione put together.
This is great..Even Obama would enjoy the wit..very funny
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on French Sweeps But Ball Bouncing Near at
Ray Fading Fading... Assumptions made...leading to unfounded allegations... Slander and lies... Credibility... You have none... Before you fade into oblivion..tell us.... Did you illegally extend your septic system? Or did you lie about doing so?
You have excelled in crap deliverance. Make a stink and blame others for the stink unless they change their way. What is now left is a bit of the smell of your influence the substance of which has long been flushed. Fading, fading..gone
Oh Ray!!! Here the carpetbagger turns a proper slap in the face into an act of lobbing virtue. Why do you underestimate the intelligence of people? You are complimenting Mr French for not taking your money. I would expect him to do that as any honorable candidate should not accept your money. I do not publicly support Mr. French or Mr. Otis. Each should be considered on the merits BY THE CITIZENS OF RYE.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on The Last Word: Team Otis at
Ray Truth indeed Tell us the truth..did you extend your septic system illegally or did you simply lie about it? Assumptions and allegations made from assumptions do not make for truth. Calling public official Liars does not make their statements untrue and yours true. Point in fact..You have already published Lies and slander. This is a matter of record, NOT assumption. You have already been flushed..just putting a little Clorox in the bowl.
oh Raymond...Flush For hypocrisy..Did you change your septic system illegally? For credibility did you never change your septic system and lied about it? no lantern for you? But a flush from linus...
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on The Hen Island Dispute and Mr. Floatie at
It is "my teeth in rascals" that should concern you most.
Robert Zahn The first shinning lantern award. Diogenes
We do need honesty in our discourses. Diogenes will assign a shinning lantern to honest among us and linus a flush to others. Done objectively I assure you.
The lantern of Diogenes shines on the face of charmian. Thank you.
Blah! Carpet bagger..liar..hypocrite.. hurtful ..etc. FLUSH!!!! Tell us about your extended septic system..was it done illegally or did you lie about it? This is now a very old question left unanswered..... Credibility......
Hush Flush.. You had your last flush Ray and that was at the last council meeting. Tell us about your extended septic tank that was illegally done..or did you lie about it? Your whole credibility is in the toilet. Ugh..Flush
Oh Ray you have violated the law or you lied about violating the law. You have had ample time to answer a simple and direct question. NONE has been forthcoming. What a puny pompous phony u are!!!
TedC I do agree that violence, personal or property is not only wrong but a crime (nothing less) It is your weak argument that members of Hen Island are responsible. You missed the boat here.
Tedc Even when I don't agree with you I respect what you say. Unfounded assumption that members of the Hen Island community would be responsible for the abuse of the poopmobile is unlike you. Right now you are credible, however unfounded allegations against a community summer residents puzzles me.why would a rational man go out on a limb to cloud his credibility?
Ray you did not answer the question,,you evaded it. Credibility!!!!!!! Vendetta assumptions allegations lies slander All this without CREDITIBILITY My apology to Robert Zahm I think you should have this forum back. Ray has been flushed and I will return to more productive business.
one response...Flush for Ray Answer the question..remember your illegal setic system or your lie about it? Creditibility!!!!!!
Flush Ray Flush Silly answer to campsite question. No Answer At All To: Did you extend your septic system without permits or did you lie about it? We have a carpet bagger making legal judgements without the benifit of CREDITIBILITY. Flush