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Sue Pinkerton
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I. Nelson Rose wrote, "If the argument is that poker is not gambling but rather a contest of skill..." What if the argument is that poker is gambling, not a game of skill involving the ability to feint and bluff ones opponents? Afterall, when money is staked and bets placed on poker hands and one either wins or loses money according whether ones final hand ranks higher or lower than that of other players at the table, that has to alter the premise that poker is a contest of skill to that of a gamble based on the fortuitious fall of the cards? I also believe that where the final outcome of a game is dependent as much on luck (i.e. the fall of the cards), as it is in a players ability to bluff their opponents into believing the combination of cards they hold in their hand ranks higher (or lower) than that of their opponents, then poker is a much a game of skill as it is a gamble on whose luck is greater?