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@Unbelievable, Just because it is impossible to avoid all loss of life to animals and destruction of their habitats doesn't mean that therefore you just throw up your hands and say we don't have a responsibility to act so as to cause the least amount of harm we can. That's like saying 'So what if people drink and drive and kill people in the process they are going to die eventually anyway.' There is also the fact that dogs aren't covered by the livestock act that demands humane treatment and so can be hung while alive and beaten to death or packed into crates too small for them. It is also the fact that Korean people themselves are objecting to the practices of a minority among them who behave with no concern for the suffering they cause. It isn't just foreigners forcing alien standards on Koreans.
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I remember talking with one of these Steiner people who remarked how one belief was that pregnant women shouldn't spin wool as it could lead to the cord wrapping round the baby's neck in the womb. I asked snarkily, given the fact that home spinning of wool had died out, if riding bicycles while pregnant would have the same effect. She took me seriously and looked really concerned, saying it was something she would have to ask about. Derp!