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The climate models that have been used to show global warming have been wrong, completely.the earth has been cooling for 10 years now, according to NASA and the Co2 has been rising? doesn't that tell you that maybe we need to rethink this whole Co2 thing again? Maybe something much more powerful plays a much greater efferct on out climate? OH, yeah, the Sun. the frequency of solar flairs in the ninties was at a high and since the late ninties we've begun to see solar decrease in frequency which directly explains the cooling trend we are having now and that solar flair activity is expected to be at zero by 2015. we've got some cold days ahead of us. This was from Two atmospheric physicist(I don't have their names at the moment. There is no consensus as many would have you believe, congress has had a petitions sent to them signed by over 3500 scientist from across the US that wants them to stop pushing legislation that incude global warming stuff in it because all of them believe it is not caused by Co2. If anyone wants to debate some facts go for it but please bring facts to the table and not just the IPPC says so. The IPPC was put together by government who wants there to be global warming because ther is alot of money and power in it. that cant afford to be wrong or they wont get what they want, more money though taxes and more control over the rest of us. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just a farmer with a little physics and meteorology background.
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