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Oh my goodness, your family knows how to make beautiful babies. I can't believe he is a year old. I love the picture of Gracie holding him and looking down at him. The love just oozes out of the picture. Your cowl scarf is very pretty. If you ever want a quick pick me us of a project you should try knitting dish cloths. My family loves them and we never use a sponge for cleaning up the kitchen. I always give them away as small gifts at Christmas.
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I make cards for Operation Write Home and so far this year I have mailed off a little over 500. Many of these are birthday cards and I have a large family and many friends (I am so blessed) so I would say I make about 300 cards a year.
Without a doubt the reveal of the movers and shakers dies. In this economy it makes my heart sing to know that your company is flourishing and is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Congratulations and I hope you have many more years of success.
Be still my racing heart!!! I have a book on interactive cards but I am directionally challenged so this takes away all the guess work. If I don't win these I guess I will have to buy them. Who is the genius behind these cards? Shall I take a guess?
Today's projects are beautiful. I really appreciate the design team. They afford me so much inspiration (I need all I can get). On several occasions I have written Dawn and Becky and they were so gracious in answering my inquiries. Thank all of you for sharing your talent with us.
15 eggs and many beautiful projects.
I really, really like Heather's new frame series. I am anxious to collect all of them. They will add so much versatility to just about all of the stamps I have collected from PTI. Another great release coming out I can feel it in my old bones.
Just say "frilly" and I like it. My children tell me that is because I am old. Old or not I love the projects you and the design team did today. This anniversary celebration has been a hoot.
I love Pinterest so much that I have to set a time limit or else I will be on it all day long. My favorite designer interpretations are Dawn and Betsy. I would never have thought to shadow the flowers and leaves like Dawn did. Betsy's card makes me want to sing, laugh and dance.
You have no idea how much I love my color swatch book. When I don't have any colors in mind and want to start a project I will take the color swatch book, close my eyes and flip the divisions. I have come up with some of the greatest color combinations that I would never have dreamed of. I am anxious to get my new color swatch card and inserts.
Naturally I love the stamps and all the beautiful coordinating card stock, inks, felt and dies. It is difficult to separate them into a favorite. One of the things I like best about PTI is the wonderful customer service. The answer to questions is so prompt and clear. I like the idea of the new packaging fitting an A2 card. I will miss the CD cases but I know I can purchase them from you. It seems that you have thought of everything. Happy Anniversary PTI!! What a great prize.
Welcome to my world of paper crafting new designers. I am in such awe of the designers that have contributed so much and I can only imagine how it must feel to be selected to join them. I have visited the new designers blogs and they have amazing designs and ideas to inspire me. I always visit the "old" designers and they have brought me out of a slump when I can't seem to make anything work. Kudos to all of you!!
I feel like I have twelve adopted daughters (I hope I counted right)! Everyday I check to see what you all are doing. I am fairly new to paper crafting. Actually when PTI was at the CHA Summer Show in Orlando is when I fell in love with it. I walked into the booth and it was love at first sight. I wanted it all and over the years I have done a pretty good job of it. When I need inspiration I know where to go (The PTI blog). I have been so touched by so many of you. You are wonderful women who have shared your talent and your lives with us. From the bottom of my heart thank you!!
This was such a nice post. I felt like I was there with you. When I entered the contest I told my daughter that I would be too nervous to make anything. How wrong I was when I read how wonderful Nicole was to play with. Thanks for taking me along on your trip.
This tag embodies what Christmas is all about. It is drop dead gorgeous. My favorite treat is White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut Cookies. Not to mention Snowball Surprise cookies.
I am not quite sure what "steampunk" is but from what I can determine it is not for me. I love what you did to the lamp post. My favorite movie is "Elf". Not much crafty inspiration there but it makes me laugh every time I watch it. Speaking of inspiration you have no idea how much inspiration I get from your classroom.
I love the challenge of using what I have on hand. I must say I like your version of Tim's tags better than his. He is very talented but his style is not mine. I am definitely a girly girl (do I still qualify for a girl at age 76?) and I like the frills etc. Your talent is amazing. Thanks
You have saved the day for me. I still need to make a few cards and this card fills the bill. I absolutely am in awe of your talent. Thanks!!!
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Your card makes me want to sing along with these cute snow people. I like how you shadowed the snow people so that they don't blend in with the background or each other. I have finally "got it" about using the grays to do that but my coloring is nothing like yours. Would love to earn a spot in this class. Thanks for sharing your talent.
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I took an earlier class from them and enjoyed it immensely. Would love to win this as I make about 50 card each year. I wish I could force myself to mass produce cards but after I make three or four of the same design I get bored so I have to think of another design. Thanks for the chance to win.
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Oh those poinsettias!!! They are beautiful. I can't wait to get my hands on the new ink. I like the shape of the new ink pad and really like the idea of the one inch cubes. This has been a wonderful release and has gotten me in the spirit of Christmas.
I am in awe of the Christ centered images and sentiments. I have tons of Christmas stamps and very few are what the reason for the Christmas season is all about. Thanks again for all of your new inspiring stamps and dies.
I am touched that such a young company as yours has done so much to enable a cure for the dreaded cancer. I just read yesterday of a fellow paper crafter who has inoperable stage 4 gastric cancer. The stamps that have been designed represent a way that I can touch someone who is suffering or has been cured.
The large tiny treats is an answer to my stamping prayers. I love the snowman. All of the projects are great. I need to put on some Christmas music and get started on Christmas cards.
Thanks Heather. I have a large collection of PTI dies and Spellbinders. I have been using the system that Dawn told us about but as my collection increases (like bunnies) I need to find something more workable. I am going to give this a try. I have several large binders gathering dust so all I will need is the zippered plastic thingys. BTW I love your work and I admire you for how you handle your design work and your family. You are one little lady that has it all together.
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