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The street lights along the streets of Koror are crowding the streets. I'm from Koror, born, breed, and still live in Koror. I hate the street lights. Ng kmal mengirmerm! Who asked to put 'em up anyways? It's better not to have them at all. Give it a little time and some of the lights will not work, making them uglier. If we have more lights around, then put them around the area of the police station, the jail, and the pension plan. It's too dark in that area and one is scared to walk around the area eleng kmal milkolk. I parked my bike by the jail area, across the SS office while I went to the gym. I didn't have to ask the police because it was dark and no police saw me park my bike there. Tial rael adi lomais er ngii a mlai meng meluich er ngii. Ma Koror State alsekum eng ngii a soal a street lights e lobes er ngii. First, mchoit a udoud el remuul a ikal rael el mla metemall meng melemall a ikal third hand el mlai el remurt er bebul. And remove the bumps on the roads. Ngsoad a smooth el rael meke de mengasuart e siment. E solae, kuk mo melechang a bump? Bai lak moruul a rael kung el mo smooth. Add more pot holes on the road mel slow down the traffic. I plan to die and burried in Koror. I don't want them mengirmerm el street lights. You're overdoing it, man! Me kemiu el ngara Koror State office, come down e lak momdasuu el kmo kom chelid. Eyang, elikkeang! Ngdiak a chised? Bom soro. Kerkikl e ngosecha renguk, eh! Morkedak ea kmol ngmasech a renguk e monguu a bosel a TR!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on Koror streets lights up at okedyulabeluu
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Someone who's been working for PPUC for years was asked to resign or be fired. That's because the person had forged university degree. The person wisely resigned. Good job, Ken! All the Gov't Directors and/or managers in semi-government agencies should verify their employees who submitted college or university degrees when they applied job. Supervisors should verify with the colleges/universities or professional schools to make sure of the authenticity of school degrees claimed. People who submit forged school degrees are not only fooling potential employers, they're fooling themselves. Graduations, esp. from colleges or universities are a huge accomplishments that families are proud of and usually tell others about members of families who graduated with what degree at what institution. I've heard that there are others with government positions who did not graduate from any colleges or universities. If that's true, they should resign before they're found out. That's to avoid embarrassing themselves and their friends and family. What say you? Kerkikl
Commented Aug 11, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVI at okedyulabeluu
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