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Pinehurst, Seattle, WA
Interests: Politics, transit, tech, baseball
Recent Activity
I want combined recommendations based on friends list like MovieLens has (suggest a movie these four people would all enjoy) and profiles where I can separate my ratings and watching history from others in my household.
I have Comcast (can't remember the speed but it really shouldn't matter too much) and I regularly get interruptions for buffering in the middle of shows (Buffy right now) on Netflix. I'm usually thinking it's Comcast's fault though I suppose it could also be Netflix...
Streaming has been great for TV shows because it allows me to watch them faster than I might with disks. And I don't get stuck on cliffhangers waiting for the next one... For an entirely different (though related)reason I think I would like to see more foreign films on streaming. Because I'm less familiar with them and there is often less available info, I'm sometimes more hesitant ordering a disk without knowing if I'll enjoy it. But if the titles were available to stream I'd be much more likely to give different things a try. And because I love musicals, I'm obviously biased towards Bollywood.
I don't really care about the iPhone but I'd love to see it available for Android.