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Jacques Kruger
Johannesburg, South-Africa
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Some excellent thoughts Tom. I like that you point out that race is important and Jesus even more so. The life of Jesus becomes the lens through which we look at race. I'm reminded of a recent online conversation where we bemoaned the gnostic character of phrases like "religion and politics don't mix". Has this kept the church silent? Why are the church in South-Africa so absent?
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Thanks for the reference Tom. You ask a difficult question. I find it hard to believe Jesus would be a denialist, so definitely not "nothing happened". "Something happened, so let's move on" is denialism mascarading as progressiveness, I think. So that's also cancelled out. On the options you give, that leaves only bullt #3: "Something terribly happened". I find it interesting that Jesus refused to get involved in politics in his time. The Romans were an opressive regime, and Jesus came and preached about an Spiritual Kingdom. His followers wanted him to tip the scales on a political level, but he refused. Then again, he did cause a massive political revolt within Jewish religious law, so there goes that theory. Jesus is mysterious!!!
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Thanks Tom for the always insightful manner in which you reflect on an share your journey. I appreciate and associate with some of the shifts you mention. Seeing my calling in the immediate context of relationships greatly consoles me, and having you as a friend on the journey is a privilege.
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