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Hey Mike: Thanks for another great article. I wanted to elaborate a hair more on something you mentioned.... .....This brings me to my second suggestion on standards. We need to recognize that there will be some situations where exceptions are valid and figure out the best way to address and accommodate them..... You're absolutely correct here. In fact, I believe it's more than just a recognition that the exceptions will occur. I think it's important to actually factor in exception paths to standards and especially processes when they are written in order to allow the integrity of the standard/process to remain when the exception occurs. My two cents. Doug
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It's funny you include Grunts and Finger pointing in the same list as Twitter. While to twit is sometimes fun and convenient, if you think about it, the simplistic and short nature of the twit is little more than a written grunt. I think blogs are doing just fine and don't think that they have annihilated any other technology or form of expression. Rather, I believe that they've enhanced the ability for a new audience to communicate their thoughts where only a select few were able to previously, such as journalists, writers, broadcasters, etc... This has brought the collective conscience and thought process from the masses to an equal ground with the aforementioned. It allows people of like and unlike interests to exchange information in a form of their choosing. Additionally, it represents the ability for the masses to "get published" in an informal way that offers some credence to their views without the filter of editors and publishing houses. Think about are hearing from people that you probably never knew existed and finding out that they have something worthwhile to say. If you don't like what you read, then you can just go find someone else with an equally persuasive commentary about something that appeals to you. Aside from general communication about information of the day, the blog presents a forum for social discourse that I don't think is handled otherwise by any other method.
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