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GEEEEZZZ!!!! Syria is not worried. All we are able to do is to throw words at them and say shame on you. America will NOT do anything. Syria is watching what we are doing in Libya which is a weak country and we can't even remove one 3rd world dictator. Costs are piling up and the American people do not want to be in Libya, especially when we are spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan and have a bad economy. Lately, the NATO & USA relationship has been fracturing and Iran and Syria laugh at us, because they know that we will not do anything. We can warn Syria and Iran all we want, but they will laugh knowing that we do not have the money or desire for another war. Iran will get Nukes, ASSAD will kill as many of his own people as he chooses to keep his power...and we will NOT do a darn thing. When Hillary, Obama and the UN give their speeches about Syria and Iran...I just turn them off, because they will be able to do what they want and laugh as we are too tied up with Weinergate and the Debt Ceiling.
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I am a Cavs fan who has lived in LA for 30 years. I am surprised that Brian Shaw did not get the job. Everyone thought that he was being groomed as Jackson's successor. HOWEVER, The powers that be (Buss) decided to go a different route by hiring Mike Brown. With one superstar and a group of 'B' Team players, Brown made the Cavs a top 5 offensive and defensive team in a short period of time. Brown took them to the playoffs and finals and won coach of the year. MIKE BROWN brings a lot to the Lakers and with a few tweaks here and there the Lakers will win a Championship in one year or two years. The Lakers will once again be a top tier defensive team and they will win more games next year than they did this past year.
Here is a very simple solution to all of this LBJ talk of leaving Cleveland. The CAVS ARE LOADED this year.One of the weaknesses the Cavs had over the past few years was that they had lack of production from the bench. This should not be a problem this year, because there are too many good players. Shaq and Z can handle any of the centers. They are older and slower, but they have experience and have an inside outside skillset. Plus, you can always play a twin tower setup and freak out the other team's defense. HERE IT IS...If the Cavs win the NBA championship this year...LBJ would 100% re-sign with the Cavs to be able to defend the Cavs NBA title. It is that simple. Even if the Cavs don't win it all...The Cavs can give LBJ the best offer. But to make it simple...THE CAVS NEED TO WIN IT ALL!
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