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You are right Fred, Nobody is ever going to mistake you for a rocket scientist. If paying for things other people use aggravates you. maybe you should stop driving on the streets and roads the rest of us pay for, or the fire department and police protection the rest of are taxed for. Your house burns down or somebody tries to kill a member of your family, you will handle it all by yourself, right? And when H1N1 flu comes around you will not be there with your family for your shots either, right? You too I see have a problem with reading the proposed legislation. But you think your inductive reasoning about what the Democrats position on end of life and health care costs is clever. In case you don't have parents anymore, or you are just 17 years old, you should have noticed that with old age comes infirmity and disease. You want the so-called free market and private insurance companies to decide if you live or die and you are perfectly happy about that? Better save up your nickels or you are not going to live to a ripe old age. Good Luck to you Sir!
Look DTR; If you are going to quote Joesph Stalin, do it correctly and don't be so simplistic as to try to attribute him to socialism. If you can not read and understand the basics of the proposed legislation we really have nothing to say to each other. Make an effort, it is not that hard. The proposed legislation forces private insurance companies to give up most, but not all, of their predatory practices. If being raped by private insurance companies makes you happy, that is up to you. But stop with the silliness already about socialism..
Come off it Jerry B, you are not as smart as you pretend. Prior to 1960 America regularly had people dying of starvation and lack of any medical care at all.. In Chicago police paddy wagons would go around the streets and pick up bodies to deliver to private undertakers, at taxpayer expense. That kind of expense was alright, but not a dime for food or medical care. For a nation that prided itself on its freedoms and human rights it was a national disgrace. That was when we started public aid programs. You may think that the word "right" means the right to file a lawsuit. I guess you were sleeping in high school when they took up the Declaration of Independence of America. Or did you think the founding fathers were putting King George on notice they were going to haul him into court?
To Dr. X: They will have no difficulty with funding if they bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and stop with the military adventures like the radar system they want to build in Poland and the Czech Republic. To Lori and some of you others: Can't you read? What are all these inane stupid comments about government agencies running the insurance business? Or are you all just Sarah Palin wannbes? Read the text of the proposed legislation and make an effort to understand it. If that is not possible for you, stop with the silliness about socialism and communism; we are supposed to be a nation of literates, not imbeciles.