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Mary-Anne Durkee
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There are so many crosses on the Thai basils here in the US. I buy seeds at Chatuchuak Park and they are truer to the ones here. However-all are good! I also love using bai mangluk (Thai Lemon Basil) with seafood. It is not common here. Do you know a source for chaploo/shaploo plants here in N. California? TIA
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Herb (bai Kaproa, lavender, rosemary flowers, bai magroot, etc) ice creams are so wonderful! Also love cardamon ice cream and white pepper ice cream-yum! As you say not to eat too often.
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Thai salads are always so wonderful! I am growing Suyo Japanese cucumbers this year-love them. Hello to Cynthia from the TomatoLady.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2009 on Thai cucumber salad (Yum Tang Gwa) at chez pim
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