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Did you ever consider that some of the EDL wear balaclavas because they receive death threats, and we know that, factually speaking, bloody murder in the name of Islam occurs every day around the world? The fate of Lee Rigby was not an anomaly.
I see you reference the laughably named United Against Fascism. Sorry, but I don't rely on them for factual reporting.
The story you refer to is dated for May 22, 2013 - nothing at all to do with today's walk. And nothing I read in that article even comes close to the butchering of innocent person by an Islamic fanatic, which is what that march protested. Who can blame those marchers for their righteous anger so soon after the bloody murder of Lee Rigby? Please don't use old news to deflect from today's egregious violation of basic freedoms as practiced by the London police.
Jeff, there are some other religions which have extreme forms, but only one—Islam—sends its acolytes across the world bombing and blasting the "unbelievers." And, these jihadis are following mainstream Islamic teaching, with the Qur'an their guide, and the imams their teachers. No other religion is doing this. Why should Pamela give those other religions equal attention?
Congratulations, Pamela. It's so wonderful, so refreshing, to see such a sane and thoughtful judgement, in contrast to the daily fare of outrageous and politically correct pandering to Islamic supremacists. You and your supporters have worked hard for this victory. We all join with you in celebrating this achievement which confirms freedom of speech is still alive.