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Does the world not yet understand this Occupy Wall Street? It is not a revolution as the socialist/islamic dhimmis already have the white house, its cabinet and appointed officials and the US Senate. It is not a home grown American movement as the strategy for this campaign is targeting the same eclectic symbolism of world wide wealth as the twin towers on 9-11-01. It has a specific target: American/Euro centered financial institutions that continue to safeguard the US dollar as the basis for the world economy. Its leaders are and have always been the enemies of American economy: George Soros, Islamic Imams, Black Panthers(Van Jones who announced this in September), public and ivy league college professors who have intentionally made democracy a synonym for socialism or central controlled governance and finally- those who base their careers in politics by espousing the same hatred for USA and guilt found in the statements of Bloomberg and Californian US Congressional politicos and of course, George Soros. Can't you now tell the reason for this occupation? It is not a protest. Nor is it a revolution since Soros already has maneuvered his people into position. Give up? OCCUPY WALL STREET IS A PRO GOVERNMENT MOVEMENT AGAINST DISSENT!!! Until this situation, our country's federal government has never organized any part of the population to campaign against its own people. Previously, you only found this type of government manipulated organization in the USSR before its collapse or in Egypt before Mubarak was taken out, in Tunisia, Lybia, Yemen, Syria, Yugoslavia, Poland in the early 1980's, Iran prior to Ayatollahs and now Morocco. Such protests only mean the current government is about to lose its power and is taking its last desperate measures to maintain its power.
Scott is a muslim whose faith is not in a loving God, but in Allah, whose goal it is to specifically target Jews (God's covenant people) and Christians (who believe in and have accepted God's Son Jesus Christ as their savior) and slaughter them. Scott's god is also named Baal, Ba'ahl or B'hal. The false god the old testament prophets named Jeremiah, Elijah, Zechariah, Isaiah, Micah, etc. warned against. The entity muslims worship most closely resemble Baal. Even the muslim end time messiah, the "Mahdi", is in fact the anti-christ specifically described in Revelations. The muslim Jesus in fact is not even the same Jesus named in the Bible, but is one who will claim the be the son of Mary. The muslim Jesus will ally with the Mahdi and will actually will kill all those in the world who do not become muslims. This will involve wholesale beheadings and murders of millions of Israelis, Europeans and Americans.(The bible actually refers to this as the "abomination and desolation" Christ and John of Pathos warn against in the New Testament). The taliban is laying groundwork for this Mahdi and the muslim Jesus- as this is their belief. Scott's comments represent his joy in this islamic onslaught. Why? Anti-Christian doctrine including rejection of Jesus and simple hatred of the Jews is the very teaching and culture of muslims from the time they are born until they die. This captivity of thought prevents any other mindset from ever evolving in the muslims mind or lifestyle. Thus, there are literally hundreds of millions of muslims who see no problem with these beheadings and do not consider this terrorism at all since this is what will happen to all non muslims anyway. Therefore, Scott's comments are applicable to all those in the Christian/Judeo west and America. His feelings are what our country is facing and our leaders will not let us defend ourselves against it. There is a reason we are defenseless: Since islam prohibits freedom from islam, muslims have no reason to trust, respect, desire, want or even recognize Ameri-Euro freedoms of speech, religion, association and press. To muslims, these very concepts and the people who live in those countries where these concepts are not really restricted(at least for now), represent the essence of biblical vis a vis quranic thought and thus, to Scott and his "ummah", are evil and must be destroyed. Unfortunately, our media and our government is run by socialist/communist who also hate America's and Europe's historical foundations of freedoms and economic competition. Looking closely at islam and the Pelosi/Obama/Bloomberg/Waxman/Reid/Soros/MSM/Time Warner/Newsweek abject hatred for America and Western Europe and distrust of its citizens, it is quite simple to see how islam and this Pelosi/MSM group have become allies. Scott's comments represent the true emotions of our current leaders and our national MSM. This is why Bloomberg, Nesweek, Obama, Pelosi and our current leaders are fully supporting a mosque in ground zero in New York City. The ground zero mosque to Bloomberg (and to others in the Pelosi/MSM group) represents his and our current leaders' media extreme hatred for America and her people as much as it represents to the muslims their own hatred of America and islamic dominion and control over New York City. The problem with this alliance between the left and islam is that the left honestly believes islam agrees with them. Until Pelosi, Bloomberg, Boxer, Waxman, Reid and others are voted out, Scott's feelings will be mandated in this country- and we're screwed.
This article is exactly why we must accept Latinos into our American lifestyle and forget about sending them back-Point?- THEY ARE CATHOLIC!!!!The moozlem's second worst enemy after the jews.
In other words, it is simply another program explaining why all white euro-descendants of Christians are evil and must be wiped form the face of this earth.
One of the best kept secrets of the moozlems is something Ms. Gellar has pointed out when talking about the Jerusalem Mufti. The moozlems have NEVER BEEN OPPRESSED BY ANY WHITE CHRITIAN/JUDEO EURO-CENTRIC(WCJEO) PEOPLES. The left is assuming that merely because these people are not-white/not Christian they have necessarily been oppressed or discrimintaed by white Christian/Judeo Euro centric peoples or worse, they have a lifestyle that must be tolerated because they have been oppressed by WCJEO. What really angers me and what should anger all Americans is that the media is not disclosing what these moozlems are by hiding the fact they have never changed their mindset since moohamed's death. The history of Europe since the 800's has been a series of counter offenses against moozlem armies who made the white nazis look like libertarians. CNN is doing nothing night after night but fueling the divide between black and white. If you recall within days, if not hours after 9-11-01 CNN led the media in bombarding the public with how hites USED to treat blacks in America and how white people still have to sacrifice for this. By next 9-11-02, the racial divide was stronger than ever and we were encouraged to ignore 9-11-01 as an accident. My point is that ALL RACES IN THIS COUNTRY, WHITE, BLACK, HISPANIC, ORIENTAL, NATIVE AMERICAN have by and large been united by attacks on American people have occurred. The MSM refused to let this country come together after 9-11-01. Our division is destroying us. CNN,especialy, followed by the MSNBC, ABC,CBS are obssessed with fueling hatred of white christians by all other races and religions- they will not back down from their constant diatribe and this is keeping our country divided along racial lines making it look like America is indeed ripe for genocide. Americans want to be united. Alleged illegal immigrants from latin America are Christian! All races in this country worship the same savior they do. This savior, Jesus Christ, has always been worshipped by Americans since 1776. Our strength as Americans has always been through Christ- 1812, 1861-1865, 1918, 1941, 1950-2001. When Pres Bush, Jr proclaimed islam as a "religion" of peace, our nation abandoned Christ for the first time and we have been lost since. England is now a muslim nation. The rest of europe is also becoming muslim. Now, under Obama, our agencies are, under the taqiyaa of islamic doctrine of how to defeat a more powerful enemy, seperating our country further from Christ and islam is growing. My point? Look to the latin "illegal" immigrants for a resurgence back to Christ. Maybe we need them to bring our country back together and all races may be able to ignore the reminders of hate constantly propogated by the MSM. All Americans have Christ in common. We need to return, but with Americans becoming sheep under Bush, Jr and now Obama by these leaders' own taqiyaa about moozlems, we will have to work hard to renew this faith and be courageous enough to learn the truth. When our country is reborn, so will the rest of the world follow.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Glenn Beck, think before you preach at Atlas Shrugs
I agree whole heartedly, but CALIFORNIA? The home of the liberal pantywaste guilty white cowards that keep ramming self righteous likes of Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman and Feinstein down our throats!! I'm all for sharia in California!!!! That is the only way to get these weak cowardly guilty Californians off our backs! Who here would object to Boxer and Pelosi silenced behind a veil and burkha! How about Waxman- would he ever be re-elected to his office? MUSLIM SHARIA IS EXACTLY WHAT THESE UNNECESSARILY GUILT RIDDEN LIBERAL ATHEISTS EXTREME GAY ACTIVIST MARXIST CALIFORNICATORS DESERVE!!!
I do not understand Obama. He is dealing with LEADERS of other countries. Somehow, growing up a minority in the USA, he got the impression that once you have a steady income, like social security, welfare, food stamps or pimping you no longer have to take responsibility for anything. You just play and make friends. Outside Europe and USA there are no guilty white people who treat you as a helpless boy. In this part of the world, no one cares what color you are,nor do they feel guilty you had to grow up that color. They do know they can take advantage of anyone who hates the majority of their own countrymen. Obama must be, in their eyes, a foolish coward who runs away and does not deserve his post. Our once great country must appear weak and afraid in the eyes of those outside Europe. To these nations, power and strength are what matter- not tolerance, fear and weakness. Why would anyone accept ultimatums from a country with these values?
Ms. Gellar, I do not know if you read these comments or not, however, the state of Ohio has a judicial panel which disciplines judges who act in violation of person's rights before them. The phone number to the Ohio Judicial complaint board is 1-800-589-5256. The Ohio judicial code prohibits judges from deciding cases based on religious and other influences. If you or Rifqa feel her rights are being violated by the Judge, please call this number. Why isn't the ACLJ involved?