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Syracuse, NY
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Happy Birthday, Dawn! May you have many glittering/sparkling days! : )
Dawn...interesting to see you on TV and hear hubby on radio, though sorry for the event that made it possible. Your descriptions of this experience were quite awesome. Thanks to God for seeing after you and all on the plane. What a wake-up call to airline security in ALL countries. Richard sounded very knowledgeable in his radio interview with WWJ 950. I was taken with the fact that the man responsible for this horrendous act had no expression on his face as you noted while he was wheeled passed you. I wonder if he drugged himself just prior to this act? Safe journey back to Iraq for your hubby. What a nice gift for Jessie to have the two of you redo her room. Very pretty!! Very best to you all! Happy New Year!
Your words are one of my gifts today. Thank you, Dawn.I love your Sunday Shares, too! We've been given a gift and sometimes forget to open it. With friends like you to give us reminders, we are truly lucky. I'm glad that you've opened your gift and are using it to reach others. Another sister in Christ