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ilov piero
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hi every one, my name is piero, i m french, from france, and used to play in those bands : the mighty go-go playersd, the fatals, the demon's claws and actually jack of heart. i write this cauz, i got no way to tell my version, which is onltymy version, but : i didnt touch the iunstinct guisher at all . (that would get me banned from the usa forevern what i dont want, and takin care of it . WE had a hard show with demons claws on stage, and bouncer wanted trow jef(lead singer) and me out of the stage , (-without takin our equipment) cuz i ve been skin for a jack cord for the whiole sety (the piano fell on my jack and cuted it in two!) the two stagesound guys on my left denied me till the end of the show before leavin the stage i just said "bowery ballroom, suck my big black dick" on the microphone .. nothing to deal with bouncers (yes they are black ) !!! i had got relation with them in the after noon , nice people. then , pat( guitar demons claws) got to me, and brought me by the hand to the bouncer that understood a racist act. i was thinking i was racist ; i just told him its misunderstanding, i AM no tracist at all. (through i dont like that much white people) :) we shaked our hand . then While the blacklips show i did like in every cities wher emy pals played : i partied, drinking, rolling my body on stage , and they (bouncers) didnt like it (ysael throwing beer at the black lipshas been almost thrown out by the bouncers for this ! he explained them that its party , it s nice ... it s what we always do , cuz we love eachother ! they finally let him back in. then i ve been on stage once (just to kiss cole, t)