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People-orienter, progressive Roman Catholic (no, that's not an oxy-moron or contradiction in terms), ENFP (Myers-Briggs), 2 or 7 (Enneagram)
Interests: Writing, photography (esp. nature), organizing and political involvement, discussing politics and faith matters (despite what people always say about those two), learning about different faith walks.
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As well you should be after all that you have accomplished and how much you have impacted peoples lives in such special ways.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2014 on Life Eclipses Blood Moon. at Wyzga On Words
As a life long Catholic who considers himself liberal to progressive, I welcome this dialog as much as Dave's discussion two years ago in Burnsville, MN of M. Scott Peck and Franciscan Richard Rohr and their discussion of the Four Stages and/or need for a Rites of Passage/Initiation. To me, much of hope for the catholic (intentionally small "c" as well as capital "C") lies not with Europe or even the exclusively male led Western Church of the Northern Hemisphere but the Third World and the youth... and the new "Emerging Church", a bottonm up,echumenical, new paradign that avoids pitfalls of leaders who are trapped at Stage 1,2, or 3 either out of fear or insecurity or preference for somethng they can "control" inside the box. The mystics, Desert Fathers, practices of Centering Prayer, and a commitment to the Radical Gospel of Jesus that requires not only charity but justice are all part of what must be our response as disciples.If we find ourselves comfortable with what we hear on Sunday, then either we are not listening or our leaders are merely preaching the easy path of the prosperity Gospel... something which falls far short of what Jesus was all about.
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