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Mr. Quinto, I'm just thankful you've lent your talents to Star Trek. You're an extremely busy fellow, with Heroes and your company to run all at the same time. I just want you to be happy and healthy. I have a great deal of respect for people in your line of work, and I'm sorry if some of what I call the "Star Trek freaks" have been hassling you. It's all good. Thank you for your clarification and I hope to see more great entertainment from out your way!
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You know what? I laugh in the face of anyone who says today's Hollywood stars are spoiled and egotistical. You and your friends are proof that there is a great deal of humility and honor there. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
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Hey, I was skeptical about the reboot but all the actors were excellent. (And yes, Mr. Quinto was my favorite...well, okay, tie between Mr. Quinto and Mr. Nimoy.) I think the reason Mr. Quinto works so well as Spock is because just like Mr. Nimoy he is a very down-to-earth, honest, hard-working person. And very, very, very overwhelmingly talented, be it as Sylar, Spock, or even a creepy robber who falls in love with his hostage. No matter what, he gives it his all and it shows!
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