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It's obvious that either Santorum or Newt needs to drop out and back the other. They are SPLITTING the conservative vote and allowing a less conservative candidate to win the nomination. One of them MUST put their amibitions aside and realize what is happening. Santorum is still a young man. He should consider being Newt's running mate and then run for president in 2016 or 2020. He would be in a great position to easily win then. Or Newt should put his ego aside and realize that Santorum could beat Romney if Newt dropped out. Santorum could offer a Supreme Court position to Newt or some other high office. BUT unless one of them takes the high road, we will be stuck with Romney.
Must protect Obummer at all costs. What are you afraid of "Judge"? Where's Judge Judy when you need her?
I want to apologize to Pam Geller and Pam Hall at the Merrick Tea Party. I was there as a reporter for LI Alternative News with the Rude Camera Dude who runs the operation. I had no idea how rude he was until I saw the video that Pam Hall took showing him blatantly ignoring her while she was trying to tell him that he was standing directly in front of a camera filming Pam Geller's speech. After seeing Pam Hall's video I am QUITTING as a reporter for his news agency. I don't work with rude people. Ms. Geller, if you read this post, please accept my deepest apologies for the camera man's rude behavior. I would NEVER have behaved that way. I really enjoyed your speech and I think you are a true patriot. I have no respect for anyone who would not show you great respect after listening to your speech.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2009 on Long Island Tea Party! at Atlas Shrugs
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Aug 4, 2009