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I agree that it is a shame that this movie was marketed toward children. Especially because it is an incredible adaptation of such a fine graphic novel that was in no way intended for children eyes! As a kid and then a teenager I loved Batman. He was as miserable as I was and but still would always do the right thing. When Bob Kane created Batman back in the forties, I think he was appealing to those surviving grim times. When Frank Miller adapted Batman into the Dark Knight series, he was writing graphic novels for young adults who were as sad and tortured as he. When Christopher Nolan Adapted Frank Millers beautiful graphic novels in to this film, I believe he intended it for the teens and adult who adore the works of Frank Miller. I feel that this is similar to people being upset about cartoons intended for adults. If you let your child watch anything just because its is a cartoon, then if they happen upon Family Guy, well? And if you take your child to every Batman movie, well? I think we would agree that the problem is parents being oblivious to what their children see. I don't think that a work of art like the Dark Knight series is to blame. The Batman lore has always inspired writers to really dissect and attempt to figure out the psychological reasons behind the criminal mind. And Christopher Nolan really honers Frank Millers effort to consider also what would drive the hero to be so obsessed and how there is really only a thin vale between the villain and the hero. However, I hope no child of mine ever identifies with this sort of darkness and wallowing. But who knows? Read the Graphic Novels the movie is based on. They are amazing. You may be surprised! I can't believe I am talking batman on Christopherous. Its like- my 2 favorite things. I guess am a Holistic Nerd..