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I came to this site due to the words wu chi, only to find out, that apparently no one knows wu chi. The above statements have nothing to do what so ever with wu chi. Its the same old story with religion who claimss that their God is Omnificent . Omnipotent . Omnipresent . But seems that they have to tell their God in prayers about the situations here on earth, or help him by harming those with different ideas or no idea about a God. In their preaching, they imply that the Holy Spirit can't deliever the truth unless it is from their own Holy Books. Their God can't do certain works, so they have to take over this doing. Or That their God is this, but isn't that. How can you people use these three Omni's above unless you do not know the complete meaning. What would it mean to you, if, the two words in any language were taken away or never existed. These two words are Yes and No. I know of no religion that hasn't had their God say whoops, my bad many times since their teachings were started. From your writings, I can truely say. "You do not Know". I'm talking to the author of this site. I could care less if you printed this or not.
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After reading the above, I find no one who is a knower. A knower always knows. No one can train another to be a knower or enlighten you. Lao Zse was asked to write what he knew before he could leave his homeland China. He told his follwers that was asked to write something that was unwritable. Buddah was also quoted as saying that he was asked to teach something that was unteachable. The Christian bible shows Jesus and Paul unable to tell their follwers what it was to know. Both using the term "Meat". In the duality in which this world was formed, there is no one that describe Jesus's other world. Two places in the Christian bible one in the old testament, one time in the new. Eyes have never seen or ears heard of what God is, or what he has planned for each one of us hear on earth. A Eastern write expressed, "Seek, listen to and feel for the eternal Spirit. Something similar is in the bible. Jesus stated two times, one time in the beginning and one time near the end of his ministry. Addressing his diciples and follwers, he stated. "You do not know". Again on the cross, "Forgive them Father, for they do not know". Here is a small test for anyone seeking. Defind "Nothing" without the word "Something" or any other word that could be considered an oppisite of nothing. Good luck. You can be successful by listening and feeling. Good luck.
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I have been studing Pa Kua for 35 years. After several years, we were doing a exercise with a long stick. Two people on the stick, one would push, one would pull. Object as is Judo is to feel your partner. I came to realize after doing this exercise with all of the other students, that I could feel emptiness or place in the exercise where there was no push or pull. This helped me in my sparing and judo and Akido. Years later, I came to know this as nothing or wu chi.
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