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Worst "out of battery" experience was forgetting to charge my phone over night and missing a call at 3am that our server room had overheated and crashed. Told my boss that I was in a deep sleep (which was true) and didn't hear the phone. Luckily, we were able to save the company from total disaster the next morning. I've since purchased and use an extended battery.
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Great breakdown. Bummed about losing about losing the Premier membership as I just hit my 10th anniversary on august. At least I'll have till the end of 2012 to get a new phone.
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Evernote Facebook Kindle
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Weaksauce. I got mine. $40 can't slow me down on the bleeding edge.
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Convert. My favorite is the FM radio. Hate it that my Touch's FM radio is not active.
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@GK - Lol, that's exactly what I'm doing tomorrow at work. "Did you hear about the Netflix/Mad Men deal?" Posting up on Facebook now.
Lol @BP. The sky is falling... I think we'll be okay with digital distribution. Ownership is overrated, its all about the experience. By the way Orwell got it wrong. Big Brother is incompetent. Its Little Brother you need to watch out for.
iTunes may be a competitor with Netflix, but streaming-wise they're chasing different markets. Netflix streaming you rarely stream current movies or HBO shows. With iTunes you can get the above mentioned, but they lack the back-library that Netflix has.
@DeathShrike - Not true. Netflix has responded many times to customer complaints. I remember they were going to get rid of the sub-accounts, but after fan's voiced their complain they kept it. No need to pollute movie reviews.
Yes, yes, yes! Netflix, please make this happen. My work and home have wifi, I would love to have this option. Combine this with my bluetooth headset, all of a sudden my Touch becomes a portable movie player anywhere around the house. I also fly Virgin America, streaming netflix in flight is a game changer.
@Nonny - Its about reading between the lines with Hastings comments regarding Apple. I'm sure Netflix would love to stream on Apple hardware, but Apple is very controlling of their environment. No way Apple lets Netflix streaming take away sales from their movie rental service. Its not just Netflix being shutout, but Flash, Hulu, and Google Voice. Its not worth focusing resources on a question mark when so many other vendors need Netflix to see their hardware. Its like taking the SATs. Answer all the easy questions first, then go back to the harder ones when and if you have time. Smart strategy.
Difference is that Redbox is going backwards. Investing in DVDs, physical kiosk, the poster above stated, in 5 years streaming will become mainstream. Just b/c you have competition doesn't mean you should buy them. Big difference between BB buying Netflix to Netflix buying Redbox. Netflix has been smart in not diluting their core business. (i.e. getting into the gaming biz, setting up kiosk, etc...) Eventually what Netflix will do is begin producing their own original programming. They experimented a little with distribution with Red Envelope. As the studios try to restrict their own exclusive content Netflix will need a draw to their services.
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2009 on Should Netflix Buy Redbox? at Hacking NetFlix