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I'd like to hear what you have to say about the way this 'disposable', quick-hit, quick-fade music consumption trend is affecting artists as they are composing, recording, and releasing new material. I believe that this trend has made artists, knowing that their careers may depend on getting on that hot 100 downloaded list, start writing songs that have more short-term, immediate appeal. As a musician, I know when i write songs; sometimes one of them just has that catchy, 'hit' characteristic - easy to get stuck in your head, simple chord progressions, a repetitive chorus and an upbeat tempo. Now in the past I've just been content to vomit out a few of those tracks a year, not take them too seriously, and when the luster fades, I drop the track from my setlist and from consideration for release. With the change in apparent attitudes regarding dispensability, perhaps it would bump up my band's likelihood to get noticed by a blogger, or strike a quick 'hit' on YouTube or some other distrib site to record and release these pop baubles, because the recipe for those songs is such that it encourages quick crush-type love for the track. Of course I fear the 'OK Go' effect, how one catchy track could doom a creative and multi-textured artist to being considered a one-trick-pony. I'd be curious to hear from other artists about this topic. Is this change in culture changing the way you write, or changing the filter you have on what material gets put 'out there' for consumption?
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